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  1. Friday evening saw a 2006 Boscarelli Nocio - more classic than I expected with outstandingly pure red cherry fruit, youthful with just a touch of spicy complexity but tannins quite civilised and thus quite drinkable.

    Last night a 2000 Larrivet Haut-Brion - quintessential Graves just entering its smoky, earthy drinking window. Went down a treat with roast beef.
  2. 52E9CDF2-DAA3-4AB8-B252-6278FE8B5BD8.jpeg A very fine, mature and truffly 2008 Cava at lunch today on Lisbon’s dockside.
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  4. Had a few interesting wines in Paso Robles and Santa Barbara last week. A tasting with Stanley Barrios at TOP winery was by far the highlight, with him showing us his 2017s. Supremely classicist Syrah, GSM, a Grenache Blanc with a good slug of Roussane (25% IIRC) rose, and the weirdest of all for the area, an almost 100% Tannat (I think it had 5% mourvedre). Barrios is a self confessed tannin junkie, but all of his wines show freshness and restraint and undoubtedly will have serious staying power. He's only been making wine for 3 years, under the tutelage of Nick of Nicora (they work out of the same facility), but they are stylistically the polar opposite (Nicora's reds being somewhat...ripe). I highly doubt any of it will get to the UK but I would strongly advise putting some away if you happen to come across it.

    Lastly, he decided to share a tasting of a 2013 Sine Qua Non Male Syrah that was open from the night before. It was slightly stewy, very slutty and really not that good. An astringent, oaky finish. Incredibly generous of him but it fell flat on its nose.

    We also visited Au Bon Climat in downtown Santa Barbara, which went mostly as expected but a 2014 Clendenen Family Winery Gewurztraminer was by far the star of the show and a steal at $15 a bottle. A 2014 ABC Santa Maria Valley Nuits-Blanche au Bouges Chardonnay was utterly outstanding, managing to be both waxy and mineral, so we took a bottle to a delightful mexican down by the seafront. Corkage extremely common in this part of the world which is comforting. I did wonder if ABC featured in the new vs old world chardonnay pool stages?

    We did a couple of other wineries, Desperada and Sans Liege, which were honestly forgettable (excluding a stunning SB from the former) but I can offer more information if anyone is particularly interested.
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  5. I think I've mentioned it elsewhere, but Musar 2003 (red) was showing very well on Sunday evening. Even without much of a decant!
    I'll have to see how it is tonight, although I've got a bit of a cold right now....
  6. it's in a great spot Alex, had one last week and it was lovely.
  7. Yes. However, I'm not sure that it's as good today as yesterday.
    I mean seriously that I'm not sure (given my affliction)
    But it sure is soothing!
  8. Julian, I’ve only once drunk the ABC Nuits Blanches au Bouge Chardonnay but it was indeed utterly outstanding when I had it too. In fact, I can’t immediately think of any non-Burgundy/Chablis chardonnay I’ve had that was better.
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  9. Thom

    I thoroughly enjoyed Scottish girolles, poached egg and Parmesan crisps followed by Lamb 3 ways (roast saddle, slow cooked belly, seared fillet) with courgettes which did justice to the formidable Barolo. The Burrata with figs and the Spaghetti with crab also got a thumbs up.

    Ingredients are always of high quality here. Giuseppe T comes from a market gardening family in Puglia and is as passionate about his raw materials as he is his cellar. He is occasionally to be found in the kitchen.
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  10. Indeed. About $45 a bottle after tax at the tasting room which seemed extremely good value despite the location which must surely be more expensive than release. Equivalent of about 35GBP!
  11. I was in New York on Friday and we managed to round up some old - and new - drinking buddies for a fun evening themed on 1980s Bordeaux.


    Philipponnat Le Leon 2006 - a single vineyard BdN. Satisfying, ripe, vibrant and precise. *** 1/2(1/2)

    Laville Haut- Brion 2004 - taut, waxy semillon, improved significantly over the evening, great potential ***1/2(*)

    Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc 2005 - aggressive, woody - not in a good way - over-extracted; could be salvageable but right now a bit of a mess *(*)

    The main event:

    Lafon Rochet 1982 - laboured, still alive but rather breathless; struggled in this company *1/2

    Leoville Barton 1982 - corked

    Figeac 1982 - bottle was in bad condition, picked itself up and went from strength to strength. I have had better bottles of this but it was exhilarating all the same, with its leafy cab franc and herby notes; I found myself going back to it several times. ****

    Rauzan Segla 1985 - beautifully elegant, quite a lean, austere, palate; fine boned ****

    Leoville-Lascases 1985 - surprisingly tasted clunky next to the R-S, a lot of heft and potential ****(1/2)

    Gruaud-Larose 1985 - suffered initially from being popped and poured it evened out, and once it did it showed beautifully ****

    Rauzan-Segla 1983 - quite similar to the 1985 dark fruited, plenty of life, some austerity down the middle, if anything it needs more time. ****

    Leoville-Poyferre 1983 - showed very well, red Cabernet fruit dominating; less nuanced than the Seglas ****

    Pichon Lalande 1983 - exuberant 1980s Comtessa hallmark of wet leaves and burnt rasberries, firing on all cylinders, on top form *****

    Chateau Margaux 1983 - curmudgeonly and obstreperous still; a colossus; needs decades ***(**)

    Ducru Beaucaillou 1986 - corked

    Gruaud Larose 1986 - magnificent, density, power and authority. This is developing more nuance and complexity with age. A wine that never ceases to impress. Just pips the Comtesse for red wotn. *****

    To finish on a high note:

    Climens 1988 - had a slightly bitter streak, not flawed but have had better bottles of this ***

    D’Yquem 1988 - (good bottles like this are) nigh on perfect *****

    This is from Jayson’s instagram:

    Jayson Cohen on Instagram: “Love the #1980s. #bordeaux And more. Xanadu. Xanadu. Wonderful food at #suttoninn. My stars this night: 2004 #lavillehautbrion 1986…”
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  12. Nice Paul; big fan of Nocio and the wines from Boscarelli in general. Sounds like this bottle was quite open; not what I would have necessarily expected from an 2006 VNDM
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  13. And that is most unusual, US cellar door usually more expensive versus trade or UK prices!


  14. Couple of lovely bottles shared last night. Giuseppe Rinaldi Langhe Freisa 2015 was beautiful. Fresh and light with really stunning floral notes. Spot on with some simple pasta. Followed up with a house favourite. Jamsheed Beechworth Syrah 2012. One of my favourite reds from Australia. Finely cut Syrah, plenty of stems with just enough ripeness. So good
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  15. E6357759-60BA-4346-9229-36A7EFE20B46.jpeg Another super Vinho Verde at lunch today. Highly recommend the seafood at Nunes Real Marisqueira in Belém. Touch more weight than others but super freshness and kernelly fruit.
  16. I see ABC has had positive feedback on Vinous generally and not just the Chard. Looks an interesting price point.
  17. They are an excellent producer, although in my experience perhaps not as consistent across the range as the likes of Ridge (which is a bit of a different beast admittedly). I don't find their PNs that interesting - for whatever reason even they do not manage to get away from the effects of the California climate on the grape, but I suppose they are more rustic than most. I'd find it hard to finish more than a couple of glasses of most of their PNs. But I would say that about almost all west coast PN, so I think there is a big influence of the local palate, despite their strong following in the UK and desire to be Burgundian. Chardonnay is certainly where they really shine.
  18. Voillot Pommard clos Micaut 2009: a beautiful 2009, red fruited, great aromatics, harmonious, an excellent young 2009 without any heat and open for business. Cote de Beaune did well. More like Volnay.
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  19. Good to know, Antoine, I have found this vintage so recalcitrant that I stopped completely quite a while back.
  20. Excuse the muppetry, put this in the wrong place initially so apologies for duplication...
    Friday saw a bit of good news and an excuse to pop a DP 05.
    No longer the A typical oddity it was upon release this has settled into being a decent DP with that tell tale nose but a palate that reflects its lessser vintage.
    Still pretty good though at 17.75/20
    But put in firmly in its place the next evening by a Bollinger NV Rosé that benefitted from a couple of years in bottle but still in that phase of succulence on the red fruit, that we so enjoy,an easy and quickly disappearing 18.5/20.
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  21. With another thread about Meursault on the go We coincidentally drank a stunner(or will be in time) on Saturday evening/ Sunday.
    Opened Sat at a restaurant and popped and poured, it had an exotic nose for a Meursault to the point I was not convinced it wasn't the glasses, and the palate was really tight and very acidic so we corked up and took it home for Sunday teatime.
    Wow! A real belter of a wine which whilst young could be enjoyed after the 2 hour decant suggested on the rear labelPhotos of front and back below.
    This is easily for us a 18.5/20 and will only get better as I get through the dozen I managed to secure.... well done M&S on the enterprise shown to have this wine.
  22. Flint USA tasting. Peter Michael showed his wines can age. Golden hue, viscous and textured, honey notes and a late harvest tone. Lovely wine.

  23. Soalheiro Primeiras Vinhas 2017 and Passadouro Touriga Franca 2015 at the Yeatman last night. The wine was delicious, the service shambolic, the surroundings Trumpian and the food pretentious,sweet and bland. Overall an hilarious occasion!
    Tonight we are promised an ”eno-gastronomic experience” at Vinum. Crikey.
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    Mmmmm. Yes, its the flagship of Porto/Gaia, but nobody raves about the food. You could have hopped across the river and had terrific traditional food at Adega St Nicolau for a quarter of the price, and they've a very good wine list. At least the wines look excellent. :) Good luck for tonight!

    20180920_100137.png 20180920_100159.png 20180920_100229.png 20180920_100307.png 20180920_100335.png
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  25. Ironically Tom, we had to cross the river from Porto last night anyway. And tonight!
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