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  1. After a long and testing week I had a bottle of champagne in the fridge ready to go... corked. So I put another in the freezer, waited patiently... also corked. First corked bottles of champagne I can remember and we get through a few.

    So now 2 more bottles in the freezer, belt and braces, and if that doesn't work I'm switching to red stuff.
  2. Well very much turning into a US based wine weekend.
    L’avion I tried to follow with the rest of Sella but was t keen so wife had that.

    For myself I decided maybe the half bottle of Ridge Monte Bello 2007 would do the trick.
    Man this has some sediment and most had caked itself near the neck so was interesting.

    This took a little time to open up after initially having a sort of Bordeaux nose and very dry finish but evened out into something much nicer.

    Then I know I said I wouldn’t drink the recently acquired Sine Qua Non Mr K Noble 2002 sweet Chardonnay just yet, but I did.
    Wow wasnt expecting the colour.


    On the nose and palette it’s very much like the big 09Climens and an older nonnenberg or Beerenauslese with a beautiful full clean finish with a bit of bite. This isn’t the cheapest sweet wine you will buy but it’s big and delicious. It’s one of the more affordable SQN though as the reds in particular and dry whites are more.
    Found another single bottle on WS to fill the void hence trying this so quickly. Lovely big well presented bottle. Compared here next to a regular half bottle.

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  3. Hope it wasn't Delamotte :eek:
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  4. I think you've just been lucky, Ben, I'm by no means the world's largest Champagne consumer and I've had plenty of corked bottles, as well as at least half a dozen magnums I can think of immediately. Somehow one remembers corked magnums particularly clearly.
  5. Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg Riesling Großes Gewächs 2011 was an excellent accompaniment to lemon sole.
  6. After a bruising working week we fancied a bit of a bruiser last night with pizza, so we turned to a Majestic staple: the Dehesa Gago 2016, a Telmo Rodriguez wine from Toro. Actually less of a bruiser than one might think, though certainly powerful, structured and pretty simple at the moment, though no less satisfying for all that.

    Having finished the last glass this evening (still working) we have now opened a 2014 Bourgueil from Aurelien Revillot - leafy and gently gamy, with maybe a hint of brett, this is much more like it...
  7. Terre Inconnue Guilhem 2011, perfect accompaniment to a nice thick sirloin.
  8. Javillier 09 Meursault Clos du Cromin tonight. Lovely from the off, just the right balance between richness, florality and mineral line. A good match for scallops, artichoke purée, hazelnuts and pancetta. As it warms though, the alcohol seems a little obtrusive.
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  9. Pol Roger White Foil this evening. We’ve rattled through a six pack with a few years cellar age and all have been excellent. I had forgotten how much I like Pol.
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  10. Jamet Cotes du Rhône Rouge 2014 this weekend.

    What a super bottle. First I’ve had for at least 18 months and it’s now in a lovely place. Very precise, peppery and cool fruited and with what I would think is a good dollop of stems adding a nice, edgy lift. A lovely rendition of the vintage.

    Always feel that this wine is a wonderful barometer for each vintage in the Northern Rhône. It’s almost like a single bottle can tell you 70% of what you need to know.
  11. 2012 Leoville Las Cases, fine tannins and mouth-watering acidity, sweet and smooth, very civilized for a young LLC. Not a lot of complexity now but excellent balance, pretty fun to drink now surprisingly.
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  12. Clare Valley Riesling. Tim Adams. Ideal with Jersey oysters. We enjoyed at The Wright’s Bros in Spitalfields. Lovely lunch. More to come. D2A94252-9729-49B7-B1C4-53A02DB3CB8B.jpeg
  13. It was drinking superbly in 2015 at the Estate.
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  14. 7040A13F-EBA7-458D-BB55-DFCFFD4E543D.jpeg Confirmation that I am irredeemably lost...

    ...but I can tell you that last time I had this it was amazing. Opening up around six at a guess. Deviner is the grape, Slobodne the man, Slovakia the country.
  15. Something far more mundane La Rosine '11, with some spicy pork.
  16. Timely reminder. I shall root out something from a Leon mixed six, this month.
  17. In training for N Rhone Wimps: 2011 Cuilleron Cornas Le Village.
  18. A family birthday called for a visit to Enotecca Turi in SW1 our 1st choice restaurant for family occasions.

    ET has a superb wine list that caters for all pockets. I have enjoyed some memorable bottles here over the years. A Soldera Brunello Riserva 1999 and a Giacosa Barbaresco Rabaja Riserva 2001 come to mind. These were expensive bottles to be sure. But memories of these wines remain with you for ever and in that sense are priceless.

    This year we unhesitatingly chose a Giuseppe Rinaldi Barolo Brunate le Coste 2007. This like its maker was a giant of a wine. Powerful and rich with layers of Brunate goodness supported by a battalion of friendly tannins. A wine that didn't take any prisoners and which was clearly the product of a warm vintage. Another year, another wine and another birthday dinner which we will never forget.

    We have been going to ET for over 15 years. A favourite restaurant is a bit like a favourite armchair. Cosseting, reassuring and a refuge from the trials and tribulations of daily life. Add a special bottle to the mix and you have one of life's real pleasures. Thank you Pam and Giuseppe Turi.
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  19. Last night some very toothsome Botanica Mary Delaney Citrusdal Chenin Blanc 2014 - lovely waxy chenin here with a hint of evolution now. I absolutely love these Saffer dry, old vine chenins - with their extra fruit and an attractive dimension of generosity they are preferable, to my palate at least, to most dry chenin from the Loire, which is always austere in nature. The Loire still wins out with the demi-secs and moelleux wines though.
  20. Beaujolais Villages Domaine De La Madone 09, very much on the Rhonish rather than Burgish side, spankingly delicious and extraordinarily virile. I imagine it will last forever.
  21. Any edible highlights, Nigel?
  22. 2002 chassagne montrachet 1er clos st John Michel Niellon
    Selosse nv blanc De blanc disgorged April 2005
    Marco Marengo 2012 Barolo brunate riserva

    All rather good.
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  23. Beautiful bottle of Guy Breton P’tit Max Morgon 2014 on Friday. Really pure and pretty rendition. Opened a Pierre Boisson Bourgogne Blanc 2012 with a simple roast chicken this afternoon. Gorgeous stuff. Best BB I’ve had in ages
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  24. I’ve been clearing up on Sunday morning after a very enjoyable evening with friends. Seems we did some damage.

    I didn’t take notes as it was a social event, but all were good. The two Tori Mor 07 Oregon pinots were excellent as was the Cantemerle 83. The Albahra
    16 by Envinate so lovely although I was a bit tired by then to concentrate.


    Note - originally posted on wrong thread.
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  25. ‘93 Tardy Boudots, drinking really well now, tannins were completely resolved, acidity of the vintage was keeping this alive. Exceptional QPR but this bottling no longer exists post 2006 vintage.
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