NWR Anyone buying a Tesla Model 3 (or any BEV) ?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alex Lake, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. I hear that ordering for these beasties is set to open in the UK fairly soon. I wonder if any here are going to indulge? I've been lucky enough to be able to wangle a model S through the company, but I hear the 3 is better in many respects (although it's the Y that appeals more to me on account of the hatchback).
  2. Nope, but then I’ve got an S... if I was re-buying now I’d seriously consider it. The fact it’s not a hatchback annoys me too. I’d probably need a week to adjust to not having the display in front of me as well.. love having maps right in front of me on the S
  3. I have had a model s for 4 years now and got the model 3 a couple of months ago to replace my wife’s car. Model 3 is a phenomenally good car. Accelerates like a Porsche, great minimalistic interior, plenty of autonomy, much better build quality than the old S. Only downside I see is that it remains expensive at purchase (though MUCH lower running costs vs normal cars) and inconvenient for folks who don’t have a driveway to charge it. Driving this it’s hard to see much of a future for ICE cars, and that’s coming from someone who before that had been driving various (manual) iterations of the 911 for 15 years.
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  4. I’m on the list! However right now I don’t have a drive. Once we’ve moved house I’m going to look into petitioning our local authority to let me drop the front kerb - right now having an electric car is not a permitted reason but I am going to see what I can do...will be a fun experience to engage with our locally elected leaders anyway...
  5. Yes, I've reserved. Keen to see final price. I think quoted by Elon Musk as £33k now for UK market, but this presumably prior to £4.5k government subsidy?
  6. Ordering system is open now so you can go configure and see directly
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  7. A future of silent, super fast cars frightens me somewhat!
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  8. With batteries on all 4 wheels, are these effectively 4 wheel drive with off road capabilities to match?
  9. Actually when they're going fast, they're just as noisy! I believe legislation is coming for noise requirements at low speed.
  10. £38,900 "before savings" is as clear as mud as to whether or not that includes the £3,500 grant.

    By the way, I presume those about to place an actual order know that they can get 5,000 miles of free supercharging by using a referral code from an existing Tesla owner (and the same benefit goes to the referrer). I'm sure that the Toms and Alexs would be more than pleased to oblige there ;-)

    Edit: I see that the £38,900 has the grant included, so it's really £42,400 at the moment.
    Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 09.10.24.png
  11. I’ve got unlimited supercharging so I’ll let someone else post their code (as it might benefit someone else) - that said people are obviously free to use mine, pm me. Latest news from the Tesla owners group says that the system doesn’t currently allow for entering a code w the model 3; pretty sure they’ll let you add it later though
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  12. One bit of advice I'd give to anyone looking at the basic model would be to check the premium connectivity options (Nice maps with traffic - for me, a must). As far as I can tell, the price of this has not been released. It may be just £100/year, but they may also ask for a one-off expense.
  13. Oh yes, I guess other Tom will be the same. Happy (and grateful!) if anyone wants to use mine.... PM me
  14. As another S owner I would probably have chosen a 3 if it had been available at the time. The S is a great car but just too big for UK country roads for me.

    As another Tesla Owner I am happy to give a referral code, the 5000 mile free supercharging only lasts until 28th May after that it returns to 1000 miles.
  15. PPS, work around for referral code:
    Use referal link as usual, select model S, then change the URL from model S to model 3 (ie, tesla.com/en_GB/model3/design?referall=blahetc..
  16. ingenious!
    Like others, I received the email this morning asking me to configure my model 3. Not decided yet whether to proceed with the purchase. I test drove an S six months ago and loved the tech, but was disappointed by the build quality. Thomas' praise for the 3 (and his history of 911s) encourages me. But I have a hankering for a noisy V8 before they go the way of the dinosaurs.. "Lord, make me virtuous but not yet".
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  17. Just wondering - I understand that there is a "standard" model without the plus that you can order, but only from stores. Might be below the £40k luxury tax level.... Anyone going for that?!
  18. I wonder how the fuel saving is calculated? Is it a comparison with the cost of fuel for a petrol or diesel engined car? And is it based on your annual mileage?
    Then it seems to get a bit confusing with all the other extras you can get.
    I have a BMW 330e PHEV at the moment but its due for renewal in November. I'm not sure if my home charging point will be compatible with a Tesla. I'm more tempted to go for the new model 3 series hybrid rather than full electric.
  19. Should be just a type 2 - the difference will be that you get 9mph on the BMW I think (vs 21mph on an Model S - I'd assume the Model 3 is the same)
  20. I think I've answered my own question re the whether the car is 4wd or not. Looks like it's AWD only in the 2 motor version. Is that the version on sale here yet or just the single motor version?
  21. Both on sale
  22. I thought your post was just a little joke! ;-)
  23. How confusing that they're both Model 3's! What kind of charging point do you have?

    FOr the savings:
    I think if you regularly make long journeys (>250 miles) and are in a hurry, Supercharging can be slower than going to a petrol station. It's getting better all the time, though. Model 3 much quicker than my Model S at the v3 superchargers - I would think that you could replace 80% of charge in 20 mins or so. (going from 10% to 90%). Putting the last 10% in is very slow, and dropping below 10% is brave.

    My main motivation for going electric was to be clean, but it can work out financially in certain circumstances (esp. as a company car) and it's fun yet relaxing to drive.
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  24. One other thought regarding the cost of electric vs petrol - petrol prices will probably rise, and electricity will rise too. I think the new requirement to have smart metered charging is so that the government can tax EV electricity seperately to domestic electricity.
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