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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mark Temple, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Seeking a last few rays I found a cheap 3 day trip in two weeks' time.

    Any recommendations? Particularly food, also places to see/especially nice beaches?

    Naturally I shall be avoiding San Antonio at all costs;)
  2. Mark I will be watching this too after being hoodwinked into going there next year for my main holiday.

    Basically for the last 6/7 years I have been on holiday with my partner, her daughter and partner and for the last three years their children. We always end up in a Sensatori or similar hotel with the focus on pool/beach. As much as I love them, some time ago I said in 2019 I want to do something different with just my partner - river cruise, walking or wine holiday for example. However they have been grinding me down for months and their latest idea was eleven night in Ibiza Sensatori.

    Anyway last week I booked two weeks off for next year, these turned out to be the ‘wrong ‘ weeks, so on Thursday I said I would go in and change them. At the same time her daughter was booking her leave. My partner received a message on WhatsApp saying leave booked let go for this holiday. Now even though I am not on this app she took it as coming from me immediately text her daughter saying Mark’s up for it let’s book it. The message had of course came from her daughter not me. The first I knew of all this is when a confirmation email came through with it all booked.

    It cost me £1,300 for a message I never sent

    Now it’s been decided I’d better make the most of it.
  3. Oh God. :(

    Hoping not to see a resort hotel or anything like it myself. But it is a beautiful Mediterranean island, if you can get away from them!
  4. When I was about twelve. All I recall is drinking coke with ice and lemon round the pool and quite fancying a girl at the disco but not having the guts to dance with her. Sorry, not a lot of use. It was sunny though.
  5. Dont pay more than 10 euro for your pills.... never drink before dark
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  6. Mark,

    A few spots that maybe of interest to you.

    La Paloma - nr Sant Llorec. Family run Italian restaurant in the heart of the island. Weather dependent you eat in the garden. Very nice food and atmosphere.

    Cotton Beach Club - Cala Tarida. Very close to the Sensotori resort already mentioned. Not the cheapest but good food and decent cocktails. Every imaginable Provencal rose on the list, which sort of explains what it's like.

    Cala Xuclar - tiny little cove in the north of the island. Has a little beach restaurant that serves good lunches. Again not the cheapest (Ibiza isn't cheap unless you're in the nasty bits). You can find their moble number online to WhatsApp a reservation.

    Amante - nr Cala Llonga. Great spot for cocktails. Food good as well.

    Definitely rent a car to get out is the key. Have fun.

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  7. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Haven't been for a looooong time - maybe 20 years, but if you have a rental car I remember plenty of unspoiled corners of the island and chilled out beaches that could be reached, a few very good restaurants, some in the country, and the old town still has a lot of charm about it. I think you could find what you want and have a very nice time.
  8. Thanks, all, esp Fergus. Yes, I can see that it is expensive :eek: Will certainly check out La Paloma. Seems there are a few less pricey places in Ibiza town.

    Any nice walks?
  9. Can Limo in Sant Josep was excellent - imaginative and delicious Peruvian fusion food, wonderfully friendly and accommodating staff and even decent wines at good prices (good producers and all under 30 euros, seemingly a rarity on the island). Highly recommended.

    Otherwise, high prices and fairly poor food in general. The Ibizkus winery has a fancy tasting room/bar at its winery between Eivissa and Santa Eularia, but I wasn't impressed with the wines.

    Like the island a lot, though. A uniquely cosmopolitan vibe, and endless beautiful coves to hang out and swim in.

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