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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Tom Cannavan, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Tom Cannavan

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    A news feed on my tablet highlights wine stories in the press, including one from The Sun which concerned Aldi selling a chocolate flavoured wine for Christmas, priced at £9.99 and flavoured with chocolate and cherry essences amongst others. They went on to point out the the Waitrose version, called The Chocolate Block, costs £21.99

  2. I thought The Sun was a comic Tom ;) ? In Liverpool its called, and always will be, something unprintable of course & rightly so.
  3. Tom Cannavan

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    Indeed, it's not a journal I take regularly.
  4. I was given a glass of chocolate-infused red wine by a local councillor once. Realistically, not a vote-gathering strategy.
  5. I've been offered it in some US wineries. After tasting it at the first one, I declined later opportunities
  6. Surprised no-one's done a salted caramel version, so ubiquitous has this flavouring become.
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  7. Stands to reason mate, Sun journalists are “lagar drinkers” innit?
  8. It may be unwise to make assumptions about Sun journalists. I remember back in the eighties drinking a lot of beer with one of their leader writers, responsible for some of the most ringing endorsements of Thatcherism at its most untrammelled. He was a very committed member of the Socialist Workers Party, it turned out, which struck me as an odd juxtaposition.
  9. And the only Sun journalist I've met is an aristocrat. Last night, I opened a bottle of wine he had given my friend: it was a Sainsburys CdP and required a power drill and a butter knife to gain access to its unpleasant contents as the bottle still had the supermarket security device attached.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I was in a WH Smith in Manchester buying a diary for my dad. When I went to pay, the chap on the till asked if I would like a free copy of the Sun. I declined. "Can't even give it away," he muttered loud enough to be sure he was heard.
  11. In the immortal words of Roger Mellie 'tomorrows bumwad Tom'.
  12. I don't necessarily expect feature-writers or even sports writers to share the editorial stance of their paper - but for a leader-writer to espouse views diametrically opposite to his own shows an astonishing lack of integrity. Journalists would justifiably excoriate politicians who showed such hypocrisy... but not one of their own.
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  13. Difficult territory there, Paul. What about barristers defending the indefensible?
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  14. ...or half the Cabinet pretending to be in favour of Brexit (or any similar political two-faced-ness).
  15. That's very different, Colin, they are obliged by law to act in what they consider to be in the national interest!
  16. There is definitely some kind of advertorial relationship between The Sun and Aldi. These kind of articles appear with regular occurrence. What is the drill about this kind of churn? Should their integrity demand that they declare this, somewhere in the 'article'?
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  17. Integrity??
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  18. :D :D :D
  19. Tom Cannavan

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    I'm sure you might well be right Richard, though in this case it could just as easily be lazy and ill-informed journalism: a press release arrived about the Aldi chocolate wine, and it was written up with 5 minutes of google 'investigation' into chocolate wines.

    I did notice recently that the wine columns in the Guardian/Observer had started to place a 'tradedoubler' referral link on each wine reviewed, meaning they earn a few pennies if a reader clicks through and buys. I'm pretty confident that would be done by the newspaper without the consent of the journalists, but it's a really dodgy practice: the integrity of a review as impartial and expert is so easily undermined if you then earn something - no matter how small - from sales of the wine being reviewed.
  20. That is an alarming development.
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  21. Tom Cannavan

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    I agree - I have seen it on other online blogs and publications, but never in a national newspaper (though the Telegraph constantly features wines from its own wine club in the wine columns).
  22. Yes, but they are still humans, with the same minds that you and I were born with. Maybe I am being too naive
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  23. I’m sure we all know that a barrister isn’t defending the indefensible, merely ensuring that in a fair and just society everyone has the opportunity to mount a defence, although the legal aid regime today does make that somewhat more difficult than in the past. And a barrister is given a brief, there is no question of seeking to defend the country’s nastiest people.
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  24. I’m sure that “we all” do indeed know that that is the theoretical position, David...

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