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  1. In the last days I bought some pasta sauces online by the famous restaurant "Amerigo 1934" in Savigno near Bologna. First a Puttanesca and second a Ragù Bolognese. I bought it as I look for ready-made products for my countryside house. Of course I love to cook, but sometimes I have no time buying food, especially on the countryside.

    Bottom line, I strongly recommend these food products, as they have a deep flavor with good spice and taste like hand-made. In addition I couldn't cook such good sauces, I have to admit. There are more pasta sauces, ragús`s etc. to taste from Amerigo 1934. I will keep you informed.

    I bought it online at a german online food shop. But certainly you will find it in Great Britain.


    P.S. I read that the restaurant Amerigo 1934 serve the Bolognese dish with a slice of raw red onion aside extra which give a boost to the Ragù.
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  2. Thanks for the heads up Martin,
    I shall now pop along to Fortnums & Mason on the way to fizz n chips next Monday.
  3. Actually, Ray, it looks from a quick Google as if it's Harvey Nicks you want to go to...

  4. YES, Harvey Nichols has a big collection of Amerigo products. I just looked at their website.
  5. Cheers Mike,
    I may well have gotten my HN and F&M mixed up.
    I shall try Fortnum’s but a trip to HN’s is a bit Kings Heath;)
    Edit to add:
    Upon checking my browsing history I had indeed seen HN but read Fortnums.
    Mail order it shall be, when I go to Knightsbridge my body clock thinks I am going to be drinking a days worth of top champagne with Dan.
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  6. I just had confirmation from HN that my order for one of each ( except Arrabiata, don't like hot chili type pasta sauces) has been despatched.
    Very much looking forward to trying them, particularly the Pecorino one and will post an update here once we have given one a whirl.
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  7. Let me know how they go. Your marmalade recommendation was well received.
  8. Just to say amazing service from HN
    Ordered tea time Saturday delivered before 10am Monday, and beautiful presentation, almost sad to be off to fizz n chips today:(
    ....Well I did say almost:D:D 353E7983-D218-4876-AE02-2F230F34C6ED.jpeg
  9. Have followed suit, always good to have reliable back-up when I'm on kitchen duty (and endorse the marmalade mention above, second delivery battling the January blues).
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  10. I just found out that the famous newspaper FAZ made a Bolognese Blind Test with 12 sauces a few years ago and the „Sturico“ from Amerigo clearly won. One top cook said about „Sturico“ that no cook in Berlin can made such a good Bolognese like from Amerigo.
  11. We really enjoyed the “Storico” Bolognese last night with Pappardelle.

    It for sure did not resemble the sweet processed meat flavour that one can encounter in prepared foods.
    I thought it might be a little raw/ offal tasting for Debbi, but no she loved it and thought it very authentic.
    She carries the married name of Stramaglia and thought it might be something her ex mother in law would have been pleased to have served.
    Loads more to try, but a great start:)
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  12. took the plunge and ordered but unfortunately one has leaked on arrival so seeing how good Harvey Nichols customer service is.

  13. Raymond,

    I am such happy to hear this.
  14. Ditto, got the HN box, at speed. The Storico went down very well, tasty and earthy, perfect size for 2 plates, sauce spread nicely across wide pappardelle....these are perfect for the nights I am on food duty!
  15. Thats it....”earthy” is exactly right.
    I think Martin’s discovery that they suggest sliced red onion as a side dish for this would be a super counter to this and perhaps even further enhance the result.
  16. HN have sent me a replacement so good customer service for them.
    IMO these serve one but then I am quite greedy, no doubt they are good quality for a sauce from a jar.
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  17. Next time I will also order Ragu from wild boar and from deer. Also a pate‘ from chicken liver I will try out.
  18. I have had some nice sauces (and dried pasta) from Fattoria La Vialla, who although based in Italy deliver (very efficiently) to the UK. Their basic wines (organic) are not bad either.

    Must try these those.
  19. Just to update,
    We had the Cacio E Pepe last night.
    If possible it was even better than the Ragu Storico.
    If anyone gets involved do follow the advice on the card and add pasta water to the pan of sauce.
    Even when I added perhaps 1/3 of a jar of pasta water the sauce was incredibly concentrated.
    These sauces have proven to been a really great steer, many thanks Martin
  20. My motto borrowed from Jack Reacher..........hope for the best, prepare for the worst

    I am buying a lot of meat, frozen fish, water, pasta, tomato passata, frozen vegetables etc etc. for our summerhouse, as we don't know how the virus will play out. I assume its better to leave the big city Berlin in any case its getting worser.

    And pasta sauces from Amerigo..........

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  21. As I can't buy anything anywhere else just ordered a substantial refill of these pasta sauces! The Storico was good enough that even the kids commented.
  22. Tonight I made Puttanesca, such good. I am quite happy that I have these sauces on the countryside.

    BTW, I added 200ml tomato pulpo by MUTTI to have more sauce, worked great.
  23. I can't wait till you get to the Cacio e Pepe;)
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  24. these sauces are the last time I saw tomatoes in a jar/tin.

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