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  1. I had this yesterday. I agree but with a caveat that applies whenever drinking the 0% beers....

    Don't drink a regular beer (e.g. Heineken) and follow it up with the 0% as the 0% really does seem to lack something (which I think is perhaps my brain asking for the inebriating sensation from the alcohol to heighten and complaining that it does not).

    The time and place to drink the 0%ers is when you are going absolutely drink free, e.g. when one is driving or working, and then I do think they are or can be delicious. I wonder if anyone else has had the same finding?
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  2. Recently returned from the low countries with a lot of beer...
    Whilst there sampled out of interest:

    Leffe 0% (perfectly acceptable)
    Hoegaarden 0% (really quite good and more pleasurable than even the Nanny State)
    Vedett 2.8% Session IPA (could drink at length if I could find any here and wanted a large night without getting merry)

    Keep 'em coming!
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  3. I had Adnams Ghost Ship alcohol free and I think its pretty good for what it is, certainly up there with the best AF ones I've had.
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  4. I had it the other day and it has that slightly malty flavour that a lot of the brewers use to substitute for conventional beer taste. No better or worse than any of the other ones. I've heard that the big brewers are ploughing resources into non-alcoholic beers so sooner or later that will bear fruit
  5. I've been trying a few of these recently. I was lucky enough to have Adnams Ghost Ship on draught in north Norfolk (The Pigs restaurant) and was surprised how good it was. It's now my go to low alcohol beer - would love to see low alcohol beers on draught in more pubs!
  6. Think it works well the other way... If I have an alcohol free beer, my desire for a glass of wine disappears. And the plainest alcohol free lagers work well with a curry. The Danish non alcoholic wine that TWS sells is good - is it Mikeller or something similar? Good way to make up a 12 bottle case, too.
  7. The addition of a little vodka can greatly improve these brews, which are certainly much better than they used to be.
    Ah, I see I made that excellent suggestion earlier in the thread.
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  8. Hi Robert
    What did you think to it?

    Our last visit disappointed, it having the feel more of a family pub restaurant, than the place that used to barter with locals for their home grown veg, and where on a prior visit, the barman pointed to a chap over the other side of the room and said "he's the fella that shot the pheasant you'll be eating". IIRC it was previously called the 3 pigs, but changed to the current name a decade or so ago

    In terms of B&B, the private sauna and fire-pit equipped patio felt lovely, though the room rate was fully priced IYKWIM

  9. Yes definitely more of a family pub than anything smarter/idiosyncratic. I don't remember specifically what we ate or the menu though. Think I was just happy to be able to drink a decent beer while driving!
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  10. Big Drop Brewing Co. Pale Ale if I was served this blind no way would I guess it is only 0.5%, great flavour and no nasty aftertaste, doesn't really taste empty - widely available.
  11. Have had Heineken, Bavaria and Becks in the last few days. Preferred them in that order too.
  12. I ordered a lockdown selection of alcohol free beers from Brewdog, and was really impressed.

    Punk AF is excellent if a bit fizzy (but true to their style) and i would defy most people to realise it's alcohol free. Nanny State noted above is quite enjoyable. They had two other styles available when i ordered (now out of stock) - a hazy New England IPA (Hazy AF) and a coffee stout (Wake Up Call). These were both very enjoyable in the sense that it's impressive that they worked at all, let alone worked well. The stout certainly lacked body, but was balanced and surprisingly drinkable. The hazy was again very close in character to the full strength equivalent, if you like the style which i'm a bit ambivalent about.

    Any of the above knocked any lager style I've tried into a cocked hat, and I'm firmly convinced that IPA styles in particular suit AF beers perfectly in masking what they naturally lack. The Punk AF in particular I was really surprisingly impressed by.
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