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  1. For those of you who run off-sales businesses and offer delivery either direct, or via a carrier, what policies do you have in place for age verification to meet licensing requirements? Direct delivery is fairly easy to deal with, but presumably using Royal Mail is more problematic as regards age verification?Thanks :)
  2. Neil

    Have you considered contacting your local Trading Standards Service for advice on what they would expect you to do?
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  3. Thanks John. It's for the licensing board so I will go back to them. Curiously, there are a number of well known wine firms who will leave wine deliveries in garages etc and not require a signature. Not sure how that squares with age verification rules...
  4. TWS asked me for my passport/divers license details when I registered.
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  5. Neil,

    It is impossible to be 100% but basically if you use an Experian check then it will verify a card with an address and full data match. This will not stop a kid nicking their parents’ card and ordering stuff but that is very unlikely indeed.

    Nor will it stop an underage person nicking it from a porch. Again, very unlikely.
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  6. Neil

    You might have a look at the Amazon pop up that gives their terms and conditions for deliveries of age restricted items like alcohol and knives. As near to belt and braces as you can get I'd suggest. Interesting some websites like Justerinis make you give your DoB before you can even enter their site whilst most others make you tick a box stating you are over 18 when you try to place an order.

    The reason I suggested speaking to your local TSD was that when I retired from Trading Standards work over 5 years ago many TSDs were grappling with your very query. Some were in the process of trying to make test purchases, using their protected credit cards, and having the alcohol delivered to a home where the only person present was someone under the age of 18. I don't know if any followed that through but they should be able to give advice on the best steps to take to avoid prosecution or a licence review. I think if one does as Amazon do (or say they do) then you are pretty well covered.
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  7. I think most of us would argue that the likelihood of an under-age buyer attempting to purchase a case of Mouton Rothschild (or even Mouton Cadet) is remote. Nevertheless, that wouldn't be a defence should you end up (inadvertently) supplying an under age customer. That said, it may well provide justification for relatively light touch verification such as self-certification of age.
  8. Yes it is very likely any enforcement action would be targeted towards sales of beer, lager, cider, cheapish wine and spirits.
  9. Thanks all. It does seem that there is currently a slight mismatch between online sales/delivery and the current legislation (as is often the case with many legal things that have had the added internet angle). Curiously, in the current Scottish legislation (which applies to me), it is an offence if the delivery driver does not have the invoice, or details or the invoice with them in the vehicle, which does present challenges as regards couriers (interesting article here).
  10. Isn't only an offence to sell to underage drinkers?

    It's not an offence for me to buy wine and serve it to my children as long as they are over 5 years old
  11. Isn't that simply resolved by including an invoice copy in the case?
  12. Yes I was thinking that, although an external driver, if he were stopped might not know there was an invoice inside. I think attaching a copy invoice to the outside with the info required by law would suffice.

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