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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mahmoud Ali, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I was rooting around in the cellar looking for wines when I came across the following three that I had forgotten about:


    The Nerello is from 2000, and the Gavi is from 2001, as is the Marzemino. Any chance any of these might still be alive?

  2. I think the Gavi might have had it but the other two should be very good. Please report back! The Gavi may at least be interesting
  3. Hardly old surely !!
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  4. I agree - the Gavi will probably be struggling, but the two reds should be OK if well stored, although I doubt either were made for long aging. Italians tend to drink their lesser reds pretty young on the whole. Please do post notes when you crack them open.
  5. I'd be very surprised if the Marzemino is still good. These are normally made for drinking young. And the Nerello (from well before the boom in Etna wine) might be low on fruit... but hey, let us know!
  6. Not in the grand scheme of things, but this crianza that I unearthed at the same time might be:

  7. I bought the reds when I was in Calgary many years ago. The clerk at the store recommended the Nerello and said it could be cellared but not for too long. I can't remember anything about the Marzemino except that back then it was one of the first one I had seen. I'll let you guys know how they fare when I open them. I suppose roast chicken might be the apprpriate accompaniment for these wines.

    The one thing that struck me when I was talking to the sales person in the Calgary store was that he had othodox leanings when it came to wine. This was about 15 years ago and way back then he thought that the Gambero Rosso had lost its way in awarding too many modern wine. I remember him saying that the Zenato Ripassa was too fruity a style for his taste. So when he pointed out a 1995 Cantine Sociale de Terre Melissa Rosso and explained that the producer went out of business because the winemaker refused to heed his agents request to modernize the wine I knew I had to buy it. Melissa is near Ciro so it is likely made from Gaglioppo grapes. God only knows how that one will turn out.

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  8. His wine pals will think the Gavi is still good.
  9. Can imagine the gaglioppo might be the best bet of the (Italian) lot! Librandi's versions certainly age well.
  10. Mark,

    I have cellared a couple of Librandi's wines, the 2004 'Duca San Felice' Ciro Rosso made from the gaglioppo and the 2005 'Magno Megonia' which is made with the maglioco dolce grape. Apparently not very popular wines since the fine wine store downtown put them on clearance. Again, no idea how long to cellar them. Any ideas Mark?
  11. I agree with Keith: they hardly seem that old to me.

    But the only way to tell is, of course, to open them.
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