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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Cameron Clark, Nov 5, 2018.

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    This 69 Colaris Reserve Branco comes in a 62.5 cl Riesling shapes bottle ( no picture unfortunately) It has signs of oxidation, but it’s sound, with a nice silky texture and some mild stone fruit. Plenty of acidity, but it’s rather punget and the strong taste is best served either before or after a meal. Interesting and reminds me a lot of a 50’s Vouvray.
  2. Hi Cameron
    Any idea of the producer e.g. Chivite? Viuva Gomes?
  3. Ian, It was Viva Gomes.

    Odd stuff.

    Followed it with a 2017 Envinate Tagagnan Cuvee Atlantico Blanco, which had none of the strong reductive notes that the 13/14 versions had.

    With the main it was a glass of Elle en Lui Rouge, Domaine de Nugues. Lovely, refreshing blend of Syrah and Gamay which had a Gonnon drinkability factor to it. Yum.
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  4. Nice note Cameron, thanks for posting/sharing.
  5. Hi Cameron
    I'm keen to try more Colares, though it does seem to have a clear potential to be properly odd.
  6. Ian

    The more i think about it, the odder it becomes. The pungency, reminded me of a Vin Jaune, as did the bottle size. The fruit though was nothing like.

    I have had some old Sweet wines, from various regions, and as they darken and die, they lose there primary fruit and end up in with hints of orange and marmalade. This wine had the colour and although it was a lot younger than the wines I just described, the fruit profile was moving toward that orange spectrum.

    It was 95 euro on a restaurant list, and l’d order again as long as there were more than 2 of us to actually drink it.
  7. The summer of '69 was a memorable one, I hear
  8. I don’t know about their whites, but Viuva Gomes released a substantial number of reds back to 1934 and 1931 two years ago at pretty much bargain prices generally in an excellent state. Prices of those still in the US marketplace seem to be 4 times as much as UK prices in Dec 2016 though. A particularly useful one is 1965 for those needing a decent wine from that year for a celebration. A bottle of 1931 was vg last month, but 1934 is perhaps more consistent.

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