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Discussion in 'Commercial Noticeboard' started by Chris Hambleton, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. The test catalogue has just gone up for our Autumn sale Autumn Sale 2018 and I have to say that it is pretty darn good. There are some uber-rare things in this one including Fonsalette 1961, Roumier Amoureuses 1993 and Brora 40 yr old 1972. The images are coming but the majority of the stock in this sale comes from professional storage and the wines are in fabulous condition. Any questions then please shout - we are in the Lutyens room at 67 Pall mall from 10.00 on the 3rd of October.


  2. Some lovely lots Chris, and plenty of time for the bank account to recover before Christmas!
  3. Do you have a list of results after the auction as I’d be interested in seeing the prices.
    Sellers want high premiums and buyers of course want the opposite generally (unless rare and hard to find then they just want it :) )

    I did register but with the estimates and the 32.5% addition on non bonded I held off on a couple of lots.
  4. The bidding on the Allemand lot was interesting.
  5. Ok seen them now. Prices have appeared on the auction.

  6. Whoa there - 32%? Where did you get that one from Mike?

    Our buyers premium is 12.5% plus VAT across the board.

    Or did you mean that vat and duty is payable on IN BOND lots if you have them delivered DP?
  7. Yes 32.5 including the VAT of course.
    In bond purchases will be just the 12.5% premium of course.
  8. To say the least!

    Thanks for a great show, Chris. I was really happy with the bits and pieces I managed to pick up.
  9. That's why buying duty paid wines is the way to go with auctions Mike unless you have IB storage as someone else has paid the VAT and duty for you.

    If you buy a dp case for £200 then your total bill is £230

    If you buy an IB case for £200 and release from bond then you pay £200 + £71.10 VAT and Duty + £30 commission = £301.10

    It's worth noting though that commission is only charged on the hammer price, not the whole lot - if it was then you'd be looking at £311.77

    I was pretty amazed by the Allemand pricing too - I thought I'd given it a punchy estimate, but apparently it was 'come and get me!'
  10. What Allemand? How much?
  11. Cornas Les Chaillots Domaine Thierry Allemand 2005 6 bts OCC Recently removed from The Wine Society, Stevenage

    estimate 550 - 650 hammer price £1100

    OK the estimate was a little bit friendly now I think about it but still, compared to release price this must be one of the biggest increases of any wine in the last few years.

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