A new The Sampler shop opening soon in Putney

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Keith Prothero, May 31, 2018.

  1. FA49A87C-9DA8-40B0-810D-5307D3041187.jpeg Just outside a train station near you:)
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  2. Where is that Keith ?
  3. Somehwere hilly!
  4. Putney?
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  5. Logistically it would make a lot of sense.
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  6. London Bridge?
  7. Aviemore
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  8. How is the new Sampler doing? I frequently pass the old South Ken location, which is now an entirely becalmed knick-knack shop in sharp contrast to the busy Sampler. I do wonder at the economics.
  9. Just heard that Keith will give away a case of 1989 LMHB or HB to whoever guesses the exact location...
  10. its doing fine thanks Tom . It obviously always takes time to build up a solid reliable customer base but we have made very good progress in Wimbledon.
  11. It’s the middle of nowhere. (Relatively speaking, of course). :eek:
  12. Well agreed it’s not bloody Weymouth :)
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  13. Cheltenham would be a good location :)
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  14. For horses :) but seriously we will be looking at locations outside London before too long
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  15. I don't know but I know it more tears for me. i.e. Not Richmond. I shed a few every time I pass South Ken even on the tube.

  16. Unfortunately Fletcher Richmond is just not financially viable. The rents asked for suitable locations is ridiculous. As you know there are no less than 4 specialist bread shops on high street but it’s the sort of place where the bloody liberal remainers here will pay £2 for a bread roll but only £5 for a bottle of wine :)
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  17. Pity about Islington - otherwise I suspect all other Samplers past, present and near future, could be visited on one single tube line
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  18. Perhaps in the future Peter.
  19. Hampstead?
  20. Oxford Please! Oxford Wine Company needs some competition...
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  21. Hi Keith are you part of the Sampler then ? Didn’t know.
    I’ve just started using them (visited Wimbledon) and it’s a unique and useful service with a few good unusual offers.

    I was hoping Richmond though my wallet remains better off.
    With the hills I’d guess Clapham but I’m thinking a good place would be Chiswick - just near La Trompette :)
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  22. Yes am a Director and investor Mike. Chiswick is already well served by wine shops but our new shop won’t be far away.
  23. As long as it’s near a tube station between Waterloo & Turnham Green, then all’s well.
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  24. Great to know. Yes Chiswick well served by wine and food, I just imagined the monthly WIMPS crowd descending.
    Anyway well done as it’s a unique format.
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