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  1. From this evening’s tasting at Stone Wine, this Airén and Macabeo blend is a goodie, brought in by Albion Wines. The first wine of a tasting is always tricky and my first sip left me thinking it was a bit “meh”, but coming back to it threw new perspective and new light. Trying again at home resulted in further rise in the esteem in which I held it. An interesting texture and white stone fruit that puts me in mind of southern Rhone whites. The skin contact gives this the feel of a classy rosé - think Tempier or similar. Anyone here tried it? Goes for about 11 quid (but I suspect there's a lot of margin in there)
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  2. Yep, you're right - a whopping 300%. Costs under 4 euros in Spain :(
  3. Never tried it, as it happens! I'm still mostly wary of Airen as a grape variety (mostly used for distillation into Spanish Brandy and as a base wine for things like Vermut) but I'd be open to grab a bottle. At 4 euros, I think I just might ;)
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  4. I must say that £11 seemed only a little over-priced to me. If it were £8, I would consider it verging on a bargain for the quality. Hope I wasn't just in a good mood - IYSWIM!
    I wish Decantalo sold it.
    Of course price can be a psychological factor in deciding if you like it. Price a wine too cheap, and the subconscious desire to like it just won't be there. Even if you do like it, you'll assume it's just a trick!
  5. As I'm sure you know, such is QPR in most of Spain that these markups are possible for UK merchants! And yes, very true...
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    I don't know it, but it seems there are a few people trying to do something a bit more adventurous/serious with Airen these days. A famous wine quiz staple, it was once Spain's most planted variety, but plantings have been reduced massively just in the last decade or so, so it now falls behind Tempranillo.
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  7. It could be a fun summertime experiment. Get hold of 10-15 Airen based wines, try them and see what's going on... Hrm. You may have given me an idea, gentlemen.
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  8. Maybe, following on from Keith's W-20 chardonnay challenge, there could be an Airen one - Alicante vs rest of the world. Now THAT would be exciting! ;-)

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