TN 2019 Willi Schaefer „Domprobst“ Kabinett- cherubic tenderness

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Martin Zwick, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Right now on the countryside.......

    2019 Willi Schaefer „Graacher Domprobst“ Kabinett

    I know, you think that here again we have this 2019 hype. BUT it is really that good.

    Textbook Kabinett, light as a feder and dances like a prima ballerina over your tongue. Green apple, lemon zest, herbs and slate.
    Magic balance, structure and purity what makes 2019 so special.

    96/100 by Mosel Fine Wines


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  2. Don’t drink them all. Keep some in storage :)
  3. I know, but hard to resist.
  4. One of the greats (not tried 2019 yet)
  5. That wine is as pale as water!

    Schaefer’s Domprobst Kab is a personal favourite.
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  6. Let me quote MFW:

    „The 2019er Graacher Domprobst Riesling Kabinett was fermented down to fruity-styled levels of residual sugar. It offers an absolutely tantalizing and hugely complex nose made of yellow peach, minty herbs, grapefruit, lime peel, a hint of whipped cream, and fresh lily flowers, all wrapped into fine residual scents from the spontaneous fermentation. The wine has grip, energy, and great focus on the palate, yet remains at all moment extremely light and balanced. A bracing and spicy touch of acidity then kicks in, giving the wine structure and blending the flavors together as well as whipping them up right into the tight and hugely long finish. This remarkable Kabinett in the making is set to become a modern-day legend!“
  7. Missed out on an allocation. :(
  8. Presumably emails are coming out today then...?
  9. We just had a 2011 Graacher Domprobst last night - crackling with electricity, attractively evolved and beautifully balanced, although it did seem to be of a Spatlese weight in the mouth. He's making super wines from this vineyard.
  10. I got my order confirmation of a case of the 2018 Graacher D, Kabinett for £50/6 IB.
  11. and also the Graacher D, Spatlese, Fuder 10 for £65/6
  12. Quite frankly George at the prices they are utter bargains and will serve you well in 3, 5, 10 or more years.

    The 2019 WS GD Kab just feels utterly compelling and I’ve managed to get some for storage though as mentioned very easy to drink now. Stunning.
  13. Someone has kindly offered to split their allocation.
    They would deny that the additional parcel of Tempier rosé ‘19 I secured this week & will share had no influence on their decision. In the circumstances, I am willing to accept the denial. :)

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