TN 2019 Bürklin-Wolf „Forst“ Village Riesling

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  1. 2019 Bürklin-Wolf „Forst“ Village Riesling

    Here we have the fresh bottled Ortswein/Village wine from Bürklin-Wolf. Its based on young vines of the Forster Top-vineyards. First the famous spicy&smoky perfume based on volcanic basalt rock. Then we have a lot of yellow fruits on the palate which will develop to a salty grapefruit over 3-4 days. Again, we have the signature of 2019 which is balance, energy and extract. Also a very vivid acidity. In addition despite its youth you could taste as a kind of snapshot a promising length&depth and a distinct salty finish.

    I would recommend to open a bottle right now and drink over 3-4-5 days. Second bottle in 5 years and 3rd bottle in 10 years. The Rieslings of Bürklin-Wolf are famous for its long-aging potential, I remember outstanding Rieslings like 1999 Pechstein GC, 2004 Kirchenstück GC etc. For your info, the estate use the Burgundy standard like GC for GG, also PC and Village for Ortswein. Since 2004 bio-dynamic. Fair to say this Village Riesling has a high price for a Ortswein even in Germany, around 25 Euro. On the other hand due to the high prices in general of the estate, this 2019er could be almost seen as a bargain. I will definitely buy a case.

    Bottom-line, the vintage 2019 truly deserve all the praise.


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