2018 Bordeaux EP kicks off

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  1. Don't know when you arrived, but one group of Chinese were regularly breaking glasses and basically falling into the cheese by 6.
  2. Great tasting (thank you Cru) reinforced my impression of a vintage where a few producers managed the elements and made lovely wine. However I'm with Paul Day that 2016 where available was very clearly preferable.
  3. I am sure 16s are better, yet shouldn't they be given that they are in bottle rather than insanely young barrel samples?
  4. Email of the day:
    "Pontet Canet 2018, "I have never tasted anything like it" "

    Not sure what does it mean.
  5. Yeah - almost all of the Pontet Canet reviews suggest that it is unlike anything previously produced there. I am not sure if that should inspire confidence or not!
  6. Sounds like a sales euphemism to me

    Edited to add: just received the email and surprise, surprise, it's Galloni
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  7. I said exactly the same thing when I was eating Alligator last month in Louisiana, and not in a good way.
  8. Anyone have the ABV on Pontet Canet?
  9. Would that be the same group that dashed out at the end carrying about half a dozen half empty bottles?
  10. Anyone tempted by DDC?

    I might have been sub £300/6 but not over.
  11. Email of yesterday:
    Domaine de Chevalier wows in 2018: "the greatest ever?"
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  12. I thought about it but decided not to at the end. Only waiting for Pichon Lalande.
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  13. Everything is too pricey in relation to back vintages. For heaven's sake you can buy the 2000 for £700 a case!
  14. When every vintage of DDC from 2006 onwards, with the exception of 2009, seems to be cheaper today than the 2018 release price, I don't find it to be a compelling offer (even if it was very nice at the Lords thing the other day).
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  15. posted in wrong thread
  16. Yes - until I realised what appalling value it offered vs back vintages. And I say that as a man whose only regular Bordeaux purchase is DDC..
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  17. I remember when I started my cellar plan, I got a free case of DDC 2007. Considering the vintage absolutely stunning wine. Now I think about may still have a bottle or two left, perfect bank holiday tipple :)
  18. Scarily high alcohol levels in the TWS offer only Mouton and Lafite under 14 degrees.
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  19. Is it me or did Bordeaux used to always be offered in cases of 12? More and more offers are priced in cases of 6 and we are told that the wines are "limited" and need to rush to snap them up. They must think that we are all idiots.
  20. Anyone tempted by Rauzan Segla?

  21. I personally don't really mind the cases of 6, as I generally prefer buying broader than deep. The illusion of scarcity is quite boring though
  22. Yes, because it was affordable back then!

  23. I bought the ‘16 in the secondary markets instead, cheaper and better than ‘18.
  24. I used to buy 12s all the time. But the 2005 vintage onwards there was a noticeable change. 2005 was pricey and selling by 6s made them appear cheaper. To be honest I like Max's idea now. Better to have a bit of width in your selection where you can compare and contrast than going all in on a single or couple of wines. For the really sought after wines like Canon that are a little pricey I have even bought 3s.

    I also used to consumed them far too young, but I have a bit more patience now so I am still drinking the same number of wines in their prime. Rule of thumb for me is don't touch the GCC from a great vintage until they are in their teens.
  25. Six packs show the talent of Bordeaux marketing or the not existing inflation:
    paying the same amount, getting the same number of cases but only half number of the bottles

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