2018 Bordeaux EP kicks off

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  1. and most whites slightly warmer, yet served ice cold for the same reason :(
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  2. But it's relatively easy to warm up a slightly cold glass at the table, whereas there is nothing to be done about a glass of wine that is too warm.
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  3. I normally try giving such a glass a cold hard stare.

    With only moderate success mind.
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  4. Any luck bending teaspoons, Uri?
  5. Is anyone actually interested in this campaign? Bar the two bottles of Hosanna nothing has remotely interested me.

    I was debating getting some of Durantou's entry wines Chenade etc however 2016's are still available.

    If people have been buying, what have they bought?
  6. I put in a request for Rauzan Segla and Leoville Poyferre from TWS, but with a maximum price specified in the middle of their expected range. I also requested Calon Segur but wasn't allocated any. Would be happy to own some of the other well-reviewed wines, but they're all so expensive...
  7. I agree, i would be happy to own them but like you said they are so expensive, especially when back vintages are available at cheaper prices. I still like 14's which now look comically cheap in comparison, so i'm stocking up on 14's. For Example 2014 L'eglise Clinet which scored fantastic reviews is around £550/6 whereas 2017 L'eglise clinet for example was released at £1032/6.... I can guarantee that the 2014 isn't half the quality of the 17.
  8. I don't see a huge financial upside given a lot of the prices getting quoted. Unless you have an annual allocation you want to maintain, someone's birth year or you collect verticals of certain Chateaux I don't see much reason to get too involved.

    I got heavily involved ( for me, assorted 6 or 7 cases of 12 equivalent ) in 2000s and 2009s en primeur. Both vintages promised great wines almost across the board.

    The 2000s worked out well but there were at least 10 Francs to the £ then, so the equivalent of at least 1.50 on the Euro today. It is under 1.13 today.

    The 2009s were I thought expensive even at en primeur, some have gone up in price and some have gone down a bit or stayed level so the jury is out on the potential upside.
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  9. I bought Carmes Haut Brion and Cruzelles. Might get DDC and Conselliante, that's it.
  10. I got some Beychevelle and may order the 2nd wine of Pichon Lalande, all in halves.
  11. I tried some wines today at the rather busy Cru tasting. The samples were in excellent condition, whether I could say anything very useful about them is another matter.
    I deliberately just tried a limited number of wines, as they were tannic, and it got increasingly difficult to get past people who just stood in the way drinking.
    Of the wines tried, I was surprised how much I didn't like the somewhat porty Carmes and CNDP-like La Conseillante (despite the later being supposedly relatively low in alc).
    Of course this was a rather strange glimpse, and one shouldn't read much into it.
    Overall, for my own purposes I am happy to make a minimal purchase in 2018 and back buy other vintages which I find easier to understand. Where 2016 was available to compare alongside, I preferred 2016.
    Wine of the day - which I have confidence in - was a brilliant Suduiraut 2009.
  12. Another "Best Ever" email came in: Leoville-Barton
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  13. GPL is out too. If both were a couple of hundred cheaper they might be worth picking up, but not at current prices.
  14. Paul

    Completely agree and I was there too, along with the drinkers rather than tasters.

    I have been to the Lord's event in previous years but somehow I had forgotten how nonsensical it is to try to evaluate wines that are over a year away from bottling, an obvious point which came to me forcefully early on in yesterday's session

    I also agree the Suduiraut was lovely although my wine of the tasting was the Leoville Lascases 2012. Ravishing
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  15. Did you email back to get their comparative notes on 1864?
  16. Let me dig into my deleted mail box...

    I heard that if enough emails from one address are immediately deleted by you, Gmail will label that address as scam for you. Don't know if it's true or not, just annoyed why this kind of email came into my primary mail box rather than promotions mail box.
  17. I also went to Lords last night. I found the styles of the 2018 wines to be very distinct, e.g. in Margaux: Giscours -powerful; Issan - rich; Brane Cantenac - pretty. I do agree with Paul’s porty comments and have also noted kirsch popping up quite regularly even though I only really noticed the heat on one wine.
  18. Thanks for the impressions. I still maintain that you can’t really judge the impact of the alcohol content unless you drink at least a whole glass of wine. Were the more porty wines spread across both the right and left bank?
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  19. 6 bottles of Duhart and planning to get 6 bottles of Lalande. To be honest I'm really rather too old to still be buying en primeur.
  20. Bought some Calon Segur, nothing else. I was also at the Cru tasting yesterday, thankfully early as many were already drunk by 6pm.

    Pessacs showed their alcohol better than many of the others but as Paul mentioned, the 2016s were generally superior across the board. Shout out to the '09 Suduiraut too, came home and bought 12 halves.
  21. Beychevelle - porty. A super, textured, Lagrange pick of the St Julien.

    I thought the Carmes had a wonderful nose and intense and tannic palette.

    A number of Margaux’s showed some exotic fruit, mango, pineapple. I preferred the more slimline Brane Cantenac. Loved the nose on the Marquis de Terme.

    The Pauillacs got hit by the cheese. I just couldn’t hold off any longer. I didn’t make it to St Estephe.

    I didn’t think the 16s showed as well as at UGC last autumn. A bit flat against the 18s. I bought Pape Clement after the UGC but the 18 was better last night. The 15s certainly weren’t flat. Very punchy.

    Agree with the 12 LLC. It showed perhaps even better there last year too. Also 14 Haut Bailly. I finished the night on a 12 Cantemerle to calm down and remind myself what it’s all about. Oh, and some cheese.
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  22. Canon out at £520 for 6.
    Almost 3 times the 2012 - 14 price, IIRC
  23. Ouch, yes that is rather a lot. I wonder if it will sell through. Two stellar vintages that were underpriced on release followed by two less good vintages that were overpriced. 2017 still available at basically release, too. I think they went up too quickly on this one.
  24. Wines or participants?
  25. Participants
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