TN 2017 Willi Schaefer "Graacher Domprobst" Spätlese - Holy shit!

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  1. 2017 Willi Schaefer "Graacher Domprobst" Spätlese #5

    Holy shit! Spectacular juice.

    What a purity, elegance, balance and lightness of being "Leichtigkeit des Seins". Beautiful to drink right now, but of course with BIG potential.

    Buy as much as you can. nectar of the gods



    Gin Gin,
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  2. Isn’t this, with JJP’s Wehlener Sonnenhur, the most reliable winemaker & vineyard combination anywhere in the world?
  3. Richard,

    Quite simply, yes. Donnhoff's Oberhauser Brucke should be added to that list too...
  4. Yep, but the 2017 version is really something special.
  5. Let's have a look what Mosel Fine Wines has to say about this Spätlese:

    "The 2017er Graacher Domprobst Spätlese AP 05 displays a magnificent and beautifully expressive nose of yellow peach, smoke, aniseed herbs, almond, raspberry and much more. The wine shines through its gorgeous depth and intensity on the palate. A racy but juicy and ripe acidity makes for a stunningly focused, pure and smoky feel in the long finish. The after-taste is tight and incredibly pure. This mindboggling Spätlese in the making only needs a decade to show its full potential!" 2027-2057

  6. I do hate those drink dates though. At my age one is only reminded of one’s mortality.
  7. You're not alone.

    On the other hand it drinks such beautifully right now, promised. Open a bottle! road to paradise
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  8. Hey, Martin, you're German, so that means you're not supposed to like Mosel, and especially Spätlese. :eek:

    Alas, there's precious little of this, as Schaefer had hail in 2017, reducing the crop to half of normal -- I visited at Schaefer three weeks ago and it's essentially all sold out at the estate.
  9. hahaha.......auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn.
  10. P.S. So Claude, you was at the estate and you say nothing about the vintage&wines???! I see, you don't like them. haha
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  11. Not quite sure about that. Prum doesn't always satisfy, IMHO. This is my recent note of the 2008 WS Spatlese:

    • 2008 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese - Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer (11/09/2018)
      Glorious, harmonious acidity invigorates flavours of wheat and stones. No petillance, and little overt fruit in this bottle. The lovely acidity is the main theme at present. Too cold when opened, but developed beautifully after an hour at room temperature. First of six, will leave the others for a few more years. [10 09, 7.5%]

      Next day: Rather more fruit in evidence, less grain. But no change to the attractive acidity. However, to my surprise, I began to tire of the wine, and did not finish the last glass. At this stage, this wine is not nearly as enjoyable as the much more modest (in price and reputation) 2008 Weiser-Künstler Enkircher Ellergrub Spätlese, opened the following evening. (90 pts.)
    Posted from CellarTracker
  12. The 17s I’ve tasted one could say the same of. The Wittmann Morstein a case in point...criminal but I’d drink it. I’m sure it’s why I like so many “lesser” 17s too. Don’t want to buy any more 20-year wines now, even though I am hoping to get that far.
  13. It'll come -- I've got a tremendous amount of German and Austrian wines tasted in the last month to get posted on my blog.
  14. Thank you for the heads up. I bought some from J&B today- stock still available
  15. Not anymore. I grabbed a case the other day tried for another today and all gone.
    I thought I had bought a couple via HR but had t so had mild panic.
    Only 500 bottles made from memory of the HR notes.
  16. Also thought the
    Donhoff Oberhäuser Brücke Auslese Goldkapsel
    Schaffer Frolich Felseneck Spätlese Goldkapsel
    Keller Westhofen Auslese

    All stood out on the sweeter and affordable side.
    Lauer Spatlese and one of the Kabinett I also liked.

    I like too much Riesling. !!
  17. I've bought some 2017s, but I didn't admire very many wines at the recent J&B 2017 tasting. I don't appear to be as enthusiastic as some others who have commented.
  18. Were there any in particular you admired.? There were a number I had higher expectations for and some I loved but then I’m very much a novice in tastings so a lot of thoughts were perhaps “gut” feelings.
    Some of the pro reviews I didn’t quite get. I did buy a fair amount but partly to continue the long term library building from the 60s onwards ! I now have a strong spread of 15-17 and much beyond.
  19. Both Haags did a decent job I think, Mike.
  20. I volunteer with tastings downtown and we had the store Christmas party last Sunday! With a lightly spiced gumbo, the 2017 Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spatlese was sheer delight. Rich pedigree, terrific length. Light straw in color with a floral mint(?) nose. Good acidity, lime and honey and hints of peach. Nicely shared by the nine sitting down for dinner.
  21. Yes, as others have pointed out, it should bloody well be good. The lower yields enforced by the 2017 season led to very little being made and a correspondingly high price
  22. Still a bargain, under £30 a bottle? I paid £65 a mag all in.
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  23. Sure Russell but it's usually nearer £20 and a bargain year in, year out. Of course I don't begrudge Christof and Willi the higher price, 2017 was a very troublesome year
  24. The 2017 Spatlese (no number) is $61 Cdn.
  25. Bob, there are always two (regular) versions. Check the penultimate two digits of the A.P. number.

    There’s a 10 and a 05, and an auction version too.

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