2015 red Beaujolais - Wow!

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  1. Well I cracked open the Julien Sunier 2015 Fluerie with the intention of firing up the BBQ as it starts drizzling
    It’s good. Just trying to work out the nose but can’t pin it down. Earthy sort of leather but not unpleasant and seems to be easing off as it opens.
    Good size to it and weight, I know many say it’s not a typical year but great to have some variation and I like it.
    Best get that BBQ going.
  2. Chanrion Côte de Brouilly ‘15
    13% (supposedly).
    Mauve tinged rim; a rush of fruit & crushed rock on the nose; forceful, robust fruit, refreshing acidity; plenty of vigour on a finish with presence. Yet to peak. 89 points
    Slow progress since a bottle last year.
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  3. Mark, Nicole makes fairly robust wines, in the traditional style, which take some time to come around. Look at it at Christmas time. Knowing which lab she uses, I suspect it's probably a 13.5%+ example!
  4. Christopher, it felt quite a bit 'heavier' than 13%. It was a decent accompaniment to rump steak!
  5. I opened a bottle of the 2016 bought in the A and B sale yesterday - very lovely and matching your description but this did feel like it was 13 % rather than higher.
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  6. Chanson Brouilly 2015.
    A bit shy on the nose, showing some ripe red and black fruits eventually.
    Gourmand texture, with just a hint of carbonic bitterness that might disappear with a bit more age.
    Surprisingly dry and serious on the palate it's more about texture than anything else.
    Chilled, it goes down very easily in the heat. Pretty abrupt finish and not a lot of complexity.

    Enjoyable, but not sure I'd stump up the entry fee of 11 Euros again.

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  7. Just been at this year's big Beaujolais tasting. I like the look of 2018 very much, largely because most of the wines show good acidity as well as ripe fruit. Interesting to have tasted a number of 2015s as well - much darker fruit, more tannic wines, and often unbalanced to my taste - or at least for what I want from Beaujolais
    hard to generalise about 16 and 17 because of so much hail.
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  8. I remember feeling the same about 2015 at the big London Tasting at the time, and haven't changed my view. I did buy quite a bit of 2014, which I'm still enjoying. I guess that whilst I can enjoy structured Beaujolais, and certainly don't want to drink Crus that taste like Nouveau, juicy, fruity, Gamay is what I love best. Lots of people are very positive about the 18s.
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  9. Had a lovely Cotes De Brouilly 2017 last night. Details to follow!

    It was the snappily titled Côte de Brouilly Cuvée des Ambassades, Domaine Pavillon de Chavannes 2017
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  10. TWS has the '17 Coudert Fleurie Cuvee Tardive ATM, which for me surpasses everything except the '11. Cheap too, just expect more Moulin-a-Vent than Fleurie.
  11. I had an impressive Côte-de-Brouilly AC 2015 from
    Daniel Bouland the other day, 1st wine I've had from him and will certainly explore further. This was from 70 yr old vines, which I think makes a difference .
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  12. I wonder if we should have a seperate thread for the non-2015 vintages!
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  13. What about the alcohols, Jasper? I'm sure you heard many of the same stories I did last November about 17+º wines.
  14. How does the 17 compare to the 15, Tom? I greatly enjoyed a bottle of the latter the other night, although it seemed it had plenty of evolution left in it.
  15. The more threads on Beaujolais the better, in my view!
  16. 17 Coudert Cuvee Tardive tasted very well on Sunday, apart from a little toughness at the back - could be from the hail, could just need time. The '18 looks great

    Claude, the 18s which I tasted were rarely over 13 or 13.5. I'm sure a few will have 'got away' though
  17. Reinforced possibly by its location in Moulin-a-Vent prior to the creation of the Fleurie appellation. I have always enjoyed Alain Coudert’s wines; usually the basic Clos de la Roilette but occasionally the CuveeTardive has provided an extra dimension. I look forward to trying the 17 from TWS which arrives tomorrow.
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  18. I've bought a bottle of Jean-Claude Lapalu 2018 Beaujolais-Villages to try. 12,5% stated alcohol! Understandably, there aren't many 2018s on the shelves down here yet, but I did notice another producer's Moulin-à-Vent 2018 labelled at 14.5%. Richard Olney, of course, used to complain that he could no longer find Beaujolais at 10.5%.
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  19. The advantage of 10.5% Beaujolais is that one person can easily drink a bottle, and indeed follow it with something else. I find that with 14.5% wines it can be hard to manage more than a glass.
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  20. I’ve had a couple of these (labelled Nouveau) in the last month. Juicy but with a hint of “natural wine” funk/VA going on, not a particularly easy drink but quite satisfying nonetheless.
  21. At lunch today in a smart bistro, Dom Cheveau St. Amour '15. Laughably, the label said 13%. Whilst tasty enough, we were unable to finish the bottle.


    The less said about the glass the better. It won’t put us of returning but, with its pedigree, this restaurant should know what is needed.
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  22. M & C Lapierre Morgon - wow? No, yuk! Has to be a typo on the javelin which dates 13.5%. Drop the three: 15% more like.
    During this period the impact of the loss of Marcel was apparent. There are signs, more recently, that there is a return to form at this property.
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  23. Personally I have to say that 2015 really isn't my favourite Beaujolais vintage, even if it was commercially well-received. My personal taste is for greater elegance, transparency and freshness. 2013 and 2011 are much more my style of wines.
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  24. and within the hot years both 2009 and 2018 are much more interesting I think
  25. Currently drinking 2018 Thivin Brouilly sept vines, delightful
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