2015 red Beaujolais - Wow!

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Nayan Gowda, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. So what you meant was "it was better than it was on release", not "better than it would have been on release"?
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  2. Oh yes, I guess so. Good point. And having said all that, I can't swear to being able to remember what each vintage was like, but I vaguely recognised the design of the label...
  3. To be fair, my experience with Beaujolais Nouveau is based on a couple of occassions many, many years ago when bottles only a couple of months later were tired and flat. Since then I've alway waited for the less expensive regular bottlings to come to market.

    I should not be the one to make sarcastic remarks about older Beaujolais Nouveau. After all, I'm likely the fool for still having a couple of un-opened bottles of 2000 Moulin-a-Vent, from Deboeuf of all producers.

  4. It may well be good, Mahmoud.
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  5. Quite agree with the excitement of really good Beaujolais after a fair bit of cellaring. have recently started in on what is proving to be a really gorgeous case of 2005 Morgon Javernieres from Louis-Claude desvignes.

    I was very impressed with 2009 in general despite the richness of the vintage, but I haven't started the cases I pit aside for long term cellaring.

    But I am very much less convinced by 2015 overall. Some wines I think will be great but there have been too many where I distrust the balance
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  6. I am looking forward to the annual Bojo Tasting in June, where the issue will be quantities available rather than alcohol levels, I fear. I am not shunning 2015 and there were some lovely wines, but not a vintage I went long on (and I was pleased to have kept buying 14s).
  7. Hi David, I've just been talking to Inter Beaujolais about what they are aiming to show at this year's Beaujolais tasting and it's very much going to be 2016 - with some 2017's. Apparently they want me to expand on the wine making side of things in my chat. Nothing fully agreed yet. As regards the 2015's, some of these are wonderful now but I feel that an equal number are tucked up in their beds at the minute and won't show at their best until maybe this Christmas. Very much like the 2005's, Jasper but in some cases, lacking the freshness.
  8. Just opened a bottle of ‘15 Marcel Lapierre Morgon, wow, excellent Gamay, absolutely no heaviness or trace of alcohol despite from a hot vintage, much prefer this than ‘15 Foillard Côte dy Py.
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  9. I have both tucked away. Might be time to give one a whirl.
  10. I still have a few of these, and a few other vintages, good to hear its drinking well.
  11. Perhaps belatedly I see TWS 2016 Bojo selection is up....my regular Bojo purchase is Foillard but think I should spread the net, any thoughts re the offering here (as storage then gets easier) very welcome, Thivin looks like a good place to start...
  12. I'm in Bojo next weekend for a big tasting. Will let you know if I find anything.
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  13. Bought some Julien 15 but few weeks ago bought couple of cases of the Morgon Cote de Py/Foillard Jean which will be my first so be interesting to see what they are like.
    You obviously like them if you buy every year !.
  14. Foillard is tops currently, IMO. Though plenty of interesting alternatives.
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  15. I was in Dijon last week at the Business School and went to a bar the name of which escapes me and bought some 1989 Du Boeuf Moulin a Vent for 10€, thought it worth a punt which it certainly was! Really very nice, lots of primary fruit still. Secondary characters more like Pinot Noir. 13% ABV.
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  16. And personally I am not sure that his 2015 is totally representative (though being Foillard...it’s still classy, but one might like to debate ageing potential).

    Whilst on the subject, found a random 2011 of Foillard Py in the Bojo rack the other day. Any ideas about opening?
  17. My most recent note 15 months ago for 2011 states ‘now & next 5 years. It’s a v. good wine. Not in a hurry to try his ‘15s.
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  18. FWIW (which possibly isn't much) here are some thoughts on Westbury's predictably fantastic 2016 Cru tasting today:

    It is a very light vintage, maybe most comparable to '12 or '10 recently. Of course that's no bad thing; the wines are elegant, taut, forward, and fresh, pretty much across the board. Lots of things for early drinking I would have thought. Almost the antithesis of '15.

    In general, while I liked the wines, the quality was a little patchy. Fleurie in particular, sadly but perhaps predictably, suffered- a lot of the wines very dilute. Morgons were strong, with a breadth and balance that other areas struggled to achieve. Brouilly, Chiroubles and Julienas also had some very smart wines.

    Just a snap shot, as always there were successes and failures across the board. Perhaps not my favourite year, but I'm not sure I can remember one that more transparently betrays itself, as well as the characters of the Crus. And for that it is remarkable.
  19. Thanks for the input, Oli. Annoyed I couldn’t go, but at least we have the big one in June.

    Any stars?
  20. My favourite '16s so far (not all from yesterday):

    Lapierre Morgon S
    J Sunier Morgon
    K Descombes Morgon
    K Descombes Beaujolais Cuvee Keke
    Bonne Tonne Morgon Les Charmes
    L'Epicurieux Regnie Chacha
    L'Epicurieux Morgon Zelebrite
    Breton B-V Marylou
    Y Metras Madame Germaine Beaujolais

    I do sell one of those wines so hope that doesn't break rules.
  21. See you there Nayan. Last year I was the only male who had shaved at any time in the recent past
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  22. We're at L'Atelier in V Morgon on Saturday night if you fancy swinging by for a glass Jasper.
  23. How wonderful, Jasper! It's been too long since we've seen each other.

    As Oli says, if you have the time, there will be a group of us in L'atelier from about 7 on Saturday. It would be great to have you join us.
  24. I am with the Merlins on Saturday night so alas not, otherwise would have been delighted to join you
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  25. I've now had a few 2015s with mixed results. Big ripe vintage and some are really lovely in a 1976 style which I can just about remember from my early drinking days. Others have a dry, tannic finish - phenolic ripeness issues given the heat?

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