2015 red Beaujolais - Wow!

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  1. Bancroft definitely.

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  2. Just enjoyed Domaine Les Roches Bleues Brouilly 2015 from Virgin Wines at about £12 before discount. Excellent! Sadly none left, but I must put some effort in securing more 2015s.
  3. I think Oli North mentioned the high alcohol levels in another thread. 15% in some, worse than St Emilion Grand Cru Classé! Will need to be careful.

    I'm still loving 2014, wimp that I am.
  4. I'll raise you: Trent Bridge 2015.
  5. JS Fleurie 13.5% - according to the label. Hmm. The '14 better, currently.
  6. Had the Sunier Regnie recently in 13 and 14. 14 was also 13.5% ABV, but the 13 was 12%. I personally thought it lacked a bit of oomph, but maybe I just have a course palate...
  7. Back on theme: the Lapierre Morgon 15 at the same tasting was really fine, though perhaps atypical - a big burst of primary fruit, metaphorically if not literally frothy, perhaps not the structure for long or even mid-term cellaring. Though why bother when it's so delicious now. A Lapalu Brouilly Cuvee des Fous 15 was similarly attractive, though with more stuffing. Rottiers MaV Champ de Cour was rather closed but certainly amply structured - a very different interpretation of Beaujolais
  8. Alex, I agree completely. I still have both the M a V and the L'Ancien 2009. A very recent bottle of the L'Ancien was super, although I think 12.5%, which is quite high by Brun's historical standards.

    Also echoing David's comments, I tried a 2015 Fleurie about two weeks ago at a shop tasting. The nose was ok, but for my taste I found too much heat on the finish. I looked on the bottle: 14.5% was indicated. I prefer a bit more levity and refreshment in Beaujolais.
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  9. JP Brun's 2015s are mainly 13.5° with one at 14° - generally there are many in the range of 14-15° in this vintage - I've even tasted one 16° and another 'between 17 and 18°' (!)
    Except at the extremes - it's frankly amazing how relatively balanced some of these still seem to be - though most of my personal favourites seem to be below 14!
  10. We just had a magnum of 2015 of Fleurie "Domaine de la Grand'Cour" Clos de la Grand'Cour (Jean-Louis Dutraive). Most likely with high alcohol but it was barely noticeable and I find it very hard to digest almost anything above 13.5% except for Nebbiolo.
  11. Of coarse you don't ;)
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  12. The high alcohols are one drawback to many of the wines (although I've had wines labelled 14.5% that were fine). But another, partially overlapping, drawback is lack of freshness in the wines. E.g., I've got a wine in front of me now that says 13% alcohol but that lacks freshness.

    Still, when there is restraint and freshness, the vintage can be outstanding.
  13. I opened a '15 Selene Beaujolais last night. I was told, though I have not confirmed, that it's made in a natural wine style with very low sulphar. Very animal on the nose, silky, cranberries. Yummy. Reallly tasty and holds your interest. I was so impressed that I immediately opened a bottle of the '16 Primeur from the same house. Wow. Best Nouveau I have ever had by a long way - touch of bubble gum, red fruits, silky. Gorgeous and really fun to drink. Great labels as well
  14. I was motivated by this thread to buy a couple of bottles of Beaujolais 2015 on the way home from work on Friday. I opened the Julienas 2015 from Lupe-Cholet, purchased at the Vintage House in Soho. It had good colour and an attractive aroma of bubble gum and red fruit. The palate was less impressive, seeming rather dry. It may improve. I also purchased a Fleurie Montee de la Tonne from Manoir du Carra. I bought this at Amathus in Wardour St. I hadn't visited this shop before but they have a good range and will be worth a return visit. I hadn't heard of the producer either. I'll try this soon and report back.

    Both these beaujolais are 13% alcohol. The thought of 14% alcohol is deeply unattractive to me!

    Just wondering - has there been a Beaujolais 2015 offer from the Wine Society?
  15. Gonna have track down the Manoir du Carra!
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  16. I also have Cote de Brouilly and Fleurie left - maybe a casual offline in the summer.
  17. Great idea-Beaujolais, tails, trotters and tripe!
  18. You mean perhaps as in last summers 3-0 rugby mullering ?
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  19. IIRC the guy at Amathus said they import this themselves. I don't know if they do mail order; if not, I'm sure I could send you a bottle!
  20. Wine-Searcher showed my local merchant has the Juliénas '15 - though a bit pricier than some retailers. A quick trip on the cards for tomorrow - the weather forecast demands a bottle of Bojo with dinner, next week.
    (Curiously, the last time I seemed to have drunk a Juliénas was in 2004).
  21. Manoir du Carra seems to have a good rep in my area, saw a 2104 Fleurie only the other day. Nice wine to celebrate Valverdes win today.
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  22. Hhmmm. o_O ;)
  23. Mentioned we had a Karim Vionnet Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau 2016 last night. It was lovely and the last glass-and-a-half was polished off tonight, none the worse for a day in the fridge. Just pure fruit, soft red cherries, on both palate and nose. A simple wine, served slightly cool. Colour slightly more Pinot than trad Gamay. No cider I could detect. I know this is a 2015 thread but it would not be unhelpful to have comments on 2016. I drank a fair few Nouveau and all the decent ones (ie other than I had instead of coffee in Parisian Bars in Noovo Week, and the one thrust into my hand outside a Marais Nicolas) were very good.
    • 2015 Domaine Manoir du Carra Fleurie - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Fleurie (31/03/2017)
      Mauve tinged; strawberried, on the shy not exuberant side; rather stern, medium bodied, fresh feel & nicely weighted but stolid. Best given 12 months but not sure how much of upside this has. (87 pts.)
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    Edit. 13%.
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  24. I also tried this tonight. I liked it but also think it should perhaps be left for a while.

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