2015 red Beaujolais - Wow!

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Nayan Gowda, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Had my first chance to taste through some 2015 red Beaujolais this morning.

    I have never seen such quality from the region. The standard Beaujolais AOPs are of Villages quality; the Villages of Crus level (sadly no 2015 Crus tasted).

    In style, maybe something of a blend of 2009 and 2011; but better than either of them.

    There is such concentration, that I'm sure some producers will muller their wines with oak; those that don't will be able to keep the fruit and finesse.

    Definitely a vintage to watch out for and buy.
  2. Glad I missed out on the 2014 Burgs then!
  3. good to know...
  4. Am I the only one who would wish for another 2010 - lighter and brighter and not so fruity? :) The more I've been drinking 2010s, the more I appreciate this year in Beaujolais.
  5. Your answer will probably be found in 2015 Bourgogne rouge, Otto.
  6. I am hard to convince when it comes to Beaujolais though sometimes drink some beauties. I do seem to enjoy the less good vintages more than the good ones.
  7. I tasted a good few 15s eg Lapierre and Pacalet, admittedly brut de cuve, in Montpellier at Millésime Bio. They did seem to be particularly good, full, fresh and fruity. Foillards think it's a very good vintage too.
  8. I believe the plan is to revisit the region this August, having driven through whilst picking was in progress, last year. Will the Crus be in bottle?
  9. Personally the few 2014 Beaujolais cru I tasted I thought were excellent.
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  10. I have previously bought Foillard EP a couple of times which worked out well, the 09 drinking beautifully. I think once from The Sampler of this parish - but don't they have repeated the offer. Anyone know of a Foillard EP house by any chance?
  11. Caves de Pyrenes?
  12. As alluded to above, in my experience, Beaujolais is a region to avoid in the much-hyped vintages, the best recent example being 2009. I have not tasted a single 2015, but the 2014 crus remind me of 2010 red Burgundy in their ripeness, structure and balance. I have not read a critic's assessment of the vintage, but most recently Lapierre Morgon, Breton Morgon and Regnie, Thevenet Morgon, Thivin Cote du Brouilly, Chanrion Cote du Brouilly, Descombes Brouilly and Regnie, Chignard Fleurie and Diochon Moulin a Vent have all been lovely (but so were there 2011s and 2013s). I have not tasted Foillard's 2014s yet, but if they are anything other than superb I will be surprised. In my experience, 2012 is spotty, but certainly not a vintage to dismiss, particularly if one's taste runs towards leaner wines with some sweet green notes.

    Tom, how can a connoisseur and genius like you be hard to convince about a wine which sings so beautifully at the table.
  13. Martin, kind words which are not less appreciated for being unjustified. The answer is likely to be that I haven't opened enough of the right bottles and that my conception of beaujolais is fundamentally flawed. Sometimes they are magical but rarely do they offer the structure to support their seductiveness or intensity to match their grip in my experience.
  14. Interesting about the 09's.

    I bought cases and cases of the Brun 09's in the BI fire sale for pennies and absolutely loved them myself.

    I still have some left but must have bashed through 3 dozen L'Ancien already.
  15. It's a question of stylistic preferences. Love it or hate it.
  16. Sure Claude, as always!

    I'm really enjoying reading your latest reports btw - I very much like the way your notes form a structural arc throughout the ranges as well as the individual wines. Thanks for the insights.

    I was quite curious about the JMF comment about 2014's and 1999's sharing a tannin profile that won't close up, interesting take.

    Apologies for the thread drift Bojo lovers.
  17. Thanks, Alex.

    By chance, I just posted a bunch of 2014 Beaujolais notes today.

    As for Fourrier, I saw Jean-Marie yesterday at the Paulée here in San Francisco and he repeated the 1999 comparison, noting, however, that these days use of whole clusters is much more common than back then. (Gosh, is 1999 now really that far away?)
  18. Nayan, will the Poms know what "muller" or "mullered" means?

    Cheers, Travis.
  19. I saw your notes just now Claude..terrific.
  20. As in, us Poms mullered Aistralia last summer when regaining the Ashes or that Aussie is mullered after two schooners of Carlton Midstrength (sic) ? :)
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  21. That wasn't a Mullering. 5-0, now that's a mullering.
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  22. I completely understand what you are saying here, Tom. To a degree, I have different expectations of Beaujolais than for most any other wine. It took me years to fully appreciate them, but now I think of cru Beaujolais as much as anything as I go to the cellar to choose a bottle for dinner (okay, well, maybe I think of Burgundy more, but Beaujolais would be a close second).

    Indeed, good notes Claude. Thank you.
  23. Live tasting note. Pulled the cork on a Julien Sunier Fleurie '15 to accompany some rabbit. Mauve tinged rim; dumb nose; rather inexpressive, half closed palate, weighty. Don't panic (yet): dinner in an hour. Here's hoping.
  24. Tom at Appellations and I think Bancroft do Foillard EP.
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