TN 2001 Marco Donati Marzeminjo 'Orme'

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  1. 2001 Marco Donati Marzeminjo 'Orme', Trentino (13%)

    This is a bottle I bought some years ago, probably in 2003 when in Clagary, and soon forgotten. I came across it last week. I've not had an old Marzemino and am strugglining to recall if indeed I've ever had one. One of the reasons I bought the bottle was because I hadn't had one before.

    Tonight, after a couple of pints of Guiness with some friends at a pub, I came home and decided to have this with some leftover beef and barley stew. There was virtually no sediment as I decanted it into a carafe, holding off only because I had come near ther bottom of the bottle and not because I saw any sediment. The colour was still good, a dull garnet with hints of browning in a watery rim. The nose was quite attractive, initial swirling bringing out a strawberry aroma that, after dinner, grew darker, with a lifted, aromatic tone of cherry, together with dried green herbs and some minerality. Most engaging.

    The palate was less interesting but pleasant nontheless. There is a fresh attack followed by a flush of sweetness, then some dry, but light, cherry skin fruit and a leathery finish. Overall the impression was of a light-bodied wine that is delicately poised, between needing more fruit and depth and an onionskin-like delicacy of fragility. This is not a bad wine at all if you like old bones and don't need a whole lot of fruit.

    I'm enjoying the wine more now without the stew. Roast chicken would probably have been a better match.

    Cheers ...................... Mahmoud

    PS: The Marzemino bottle is on the left.


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