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  1. Quadruply lucky last night at dinner. Went to meet some American friends of my wife for dinner at a local pub. Astonishingly, they had this on the winelist for £115 a bottle. Turns out they only had 2 bottles left so we snaffled them both. Both were in pristine condition and could actually have done with more time to open out. Rich golden colour. Butter and cold rolled steel with lots of yellow fruits. Perfect wth some potted shrimps, tuna tartare and then haddock and chips. I’ll definitely be going back to see what they replace these with on their list!
  2. which pub?
  3. Bde M and Haddock and Chips - this forum is making me seriously homesick this week!
  4. The colour is very worrying. BdM changed from around the 96 mark and imho never recovered. The old bottle I brought to Glasgow last year (80s I think) was a triumph if slightly tired. The 93 was lovely and both were light coloured. The later wines oxidise quickly. I have avoided buying since the Pernand-Vergelesss festival,was held in BDM cellars where they showed the largest release and a 10 year release (brave).
  5. I drank a handful of ‘01 & ‘02 which were pristine The final ‘02 in 2026 needed drinking up. And …wait for it …£15 each from M3 depot a decade ago. (May have mentioned this previously :oops::)).
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  6. Tom - it was the Admiral Codrington in Mossop Street

    David - the colour was a healthy gold! The beauty of buying them in a pub was I knew I could send them back if they were shot. I’d never risk buying BdM otherwise.
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  7. Yep BdM had so many problems - I always felt I was tossing a coin when cutting the seal of a BdM - joy or pain, rarely anything in-between. They had historically kept a lot back for later resale - one probably must with so many hectares - but the bottles that were kept back were as ravaged as those that had been released - such a shame - JClBdlM spent a fortune on having old bottles tested and often didn't like the results...
    I can only assume that the new owners have chosen not to follow the library-release option and have chosen not to try to widen their own market, so find life easier just to rent our their vines (some of their vines) to DRC, whose bottles will almost certainly be 4-5x the historical price of BdM - it will have to be demonstrated that their bottles have more longevity, as I've heard many tales, and even seen, caramel-brown bottles of their Montrachet...
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  8. Wow. Yes, looking at their list, you struck lucky Dan!
  9. Hi,

    I had this wine two Sundays ago.

    It was in tip-top condition pale-tomedium-deep golden color and going - very - strong.

    It was marvelous - a steely, wonderful Chardonnay,unquestionably of grand cru quality.
    I have one bottle in the cellar and will wait on it.

    There may indeed be bottle variation, and the person who shared the bottle with me has an air-conditioned cellar, which may make a difference.

    If Bonneau du Martray is a crap shoot, I seem to have lucked out. I hope my bottle of 2005, and one of 2010 are as good.

    Alex R.
  10. They seem to have moved Sancerre to Burgundy :eek::confused:
  11. It is a Chassagne-Montrachet, 1er cru, Bachey Legros, 2015 at £85
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