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video review: wine of the week

21st November 2010

Rigal, The Original Malbec 2009, France
From the bottle, label and brand name to the stuff in the bottle, this wine of the week bears all the hallmarks of an Argentinean Malbec, but in fact it is not: this is Malbec from its original home in Cahors in the Southwest of France. It does not carry the classification of AOC Cahors, but of Vin de Pays du Lot, because the techniques used to make it are thoroughly modern. The nose has a plush plum fruit quality with a little raspberry and floral lift and a sheen of oak (from partial ageing in oak stave-lined tanks). On the palate it is filled with more of that baked plum pie flavour with loads of sweet fruit, a certain creaminess and a silky, but only medium-bodied mouth-feel. This has some of the Old World freshness and acidity that is sometimes missing in New World Malbecs, but also marries a fruity, crowd-pleasing approachability. Food match suggestions in the video. £7.67, Asda.

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