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28th November 2010

French Quarter, Sauvignon Blanc 2009, France
Two bottles lined up this week: both Sauvignon Blanc, both 2009s, and both part of Asda's 'three for £12' offer. These two Sauvignons sum up the style of the commercial Sauvignon offering at the moment: the French wine is very fresh, with that bright fruit and herbal edge that is very expressive and a little bit 'New Worldy', but then the very light, crisp, dry palate with its lemon and herb flavours is much more true to its European roots. It is a touch dilute - being picked early to acheive those aromatics means it has only 11% alcohol. The other wine, the Koru Sauvignon Blanc 2009 from New Zealand, is hallmark, if rather obvious Marlborugh SB: lots more tropicality, lots more green notes, lots more texture and body and a dollop of residual sugar. Neither wine is worth its supposed 'usual price' but on the current offer you can choose whichever style floats your Sauvignon boat. French Quarter is £6.97, Koru is £8.99, but both part of Asda's 'three for £12' deal until 6th December 2010.

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