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22nd June 2014

Les Jamelles, Viognier 2013, France
20 years ago Viognier was almost unknown, a minor blending grape of the Rhône Valley, celebrated only in two tiny and specialist appellations, Condrieu and Château Grillet. But there has been something of a Viognier explosion since then, with lots of plantings in Australia, Chile and around the world, and a lot in the Languedoc too, just a little further south and west of its Rhône homeland. This is a really nice example of Viognier in its slightly subtler mood. Some examples can be very flowery, flamboyant and rather OTT with high alcohol and massive richness. This 13% alcohol example has perfect peach and apricot aromas that are so typical of the grape, and a medium-bodied palate that marries more of that stone fruit flavour with excellent balancing freshness and lime and lemon acidity. A very nicely pitched example of Viognier, and very good buy at the offer price. Normally £6.49, The Co-Operative, on offer at £5.49 from June 26 - July 15, 2014.

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