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video review: wine of the week

24th July 2011

Marks & Spencer, Gascogne Blanc Cuvée Spéciale 2010, France
This is, to my mind, the perfect little summer white. A fresh and vivid blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard from Gascogny in Southwest France, it is the epitome of the punchy, summery, un-oaked flavours that, along with just 11.5% alcohol, makes it ideal for sipping in the garden or with light lunches and salads. The nose has gooseberry, elderflower and a touch of something tropical like lychee or mango: a panoply of summery aromas. The palate has ripe peach and pear fruit, with a zesty lemon profile to the acidity that gives perfect balance to a zingy, versatile and delicious mid-summer sipper. Watch video for more information. £5.99, Marks & Spencer.

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