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30th May 2010

Fresita, Sparkling wine with Patagonian Strawberries, Chile
On my first visit to Chile ten years ago I visited Valdivieso's sparkling wine facility where they produced a wine infused with fresh strawberry pulp that was a delicious summer drink. How nice to see this product, made with an all-natural infusion of Patagonian strawberries in a sparkling base of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Moscatel. The wine pours a deep crimson pink, and has lifted aromas of strawberry and a touch of patchouli, leading onto a palate where the strawberry flavour persists but sits nicely within quite a crisp, elegant acidity and the wine staying fresh and breezy to the finish. There's got to be room for fun products like this in the sometimes serious world of wine surely?
7.49 - 8.99,,, Whole Foods. Note: on offer at 5.99 from Formulawine during June 2010. See all stockists on

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