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   Il Fagiano IV (Italy) Rosso
A certain amount of belt- tightening may be necessary, given that Britain's high street stores are once again boasting of their "best ever" Christmas sales, so how about this delicious £4.00 Italian red that really does over-deliver on its modest price? Marco Flacco is the extremely talented winemaker behind this juicy, unoaked blend of Sangiovese and 15% Merlot, created specifically for Averys. The nose is just crammed with pure, burstingly ripe berry fruits, with a certain chocolaty richness, but focused on succulent, fat, cherry and black berry aromas. There is real fruit sweetness, but the whole picture is tempered by a very intelligent reining back, as just enough tight, grainy tannin and fresh acidity kicks in, giving this a chewy bite and crisp, food-friendly appeal. The intensity of the fruit is excellent, in terrific little wine that is bound to please. £4.00, Averys