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video review: wine of the week

16th December 2012

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La Bascula, Catalan Eagle 2011, Spain
Greywacke, Chardonnay 2010, New Zealand
Mount Langi Ghiran, Billi Billi Shiraz 2008, Australia
Craggy Range, Calvert Vineyard Pinot 2010, NZ
Château Suduiraut, Lions de Suduiraut 2009, France
Not one but five choices this week, all pitched perfectly at Christmas day lunch or dinner. We have two crunchy whites, but one unoaked and super-fresh, the other a fragrantly creamy and classy Chardonnay, then two reds, one a deep but agile Shiraz from a cool spot in Australia, the other an elegant Pinot Noir from New Zealand. Finally, there's a distinctive and utterly delicious little dessert wine from Sauternes. The full reviews and more details of all three wines are in the video, as well as food-matching suggestions. La Buscula, £9.49, see stockists on wine-searcher. Greywacke, £22.00, see stockists on wine-searcher. Mount Langi Ghiran, £8.50, see all stockists on wine-searcher. Craggy Range, £32.00, see stockists on wine-searcher. Lions de Suduiraut, £15.00, Berry Bros. & Rudd, see stockists on wine-searcher.

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