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   Château Cavalier (France) Rosé 2006
A rosé in late November? It does seem counter-intuitive to be recommending a pink wine as we head into the depths of winter, but the seemingly unstoppable rise in the popularity of rosé wines means that they now have a place on the shelves year round, and not just a few months of late spring and summer. And why not? Rosé is just like any other wine, and producers can make it available year round if they wish to - and we wish to buy it. This, from France's great heartland of rosé wine, Provence, is a Côtes de Provence blend of no less than seven grape varieties, mostly Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. It has a gorgeous peachy-pink colour and a nose balanced between spices and strawberry fruit, with a hint of old rose. On the palate there is plenty of oomph, with a great sweet, ripeness of fruit but then dashing, crisp, lemon zest acidity. £7.49, Oddbins; £7.95 Nicolas.