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   Tosti (Italy) Carino Sparkling Pinot Grigio
The producer of this wine, Tosti, had a very popular sparkling Pinot Grigio on the UK market for some time, which disappeared a couple of years ago. I've had regular requests since then from visitors to wine-pages trying to track the wine down. Now, this new label is available again through two major supermarkets, and will no doubt be a hit all over again given Pinot Grigio's easy-drinking popularity. Made by the Charmat (tank) method, this has lots of small bubbles that race to the surface
and a bright, fruity nose of fresh apples and ripe, tropical fruits. On the plate the mousse is lively but soft and gives way quickly, whilst the freshness of the off-dry fruit powers through. Acidity is good, meaning this wine stays crisp and attractively easy to drink, making it an ideal party sparkler or aperitif wine. £5.99 Somerfield, £5.96 Asda.