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video review: wine of the week

24th January 2010

Asda, Extra Special Alsace Gewürztraminer 2007
There's no mistaking Gewürztraminer when it is poured into your glass - as long as it is a good one of course. The pungent, floral, heady scent of the Gewürz grape is one of the most distinctive in the world of wine, and this example from Asda has typical notes where a touch of bacon fat blends (more harmoniously than you might think) with lychee and roses and some peachy fruit. On the palate this has a rich texture and is fruity and spicy, with a hint of residual sugar balanced by decent acidity, the full weight of the wine carrying through to the finish. A very decent, moderate Gewürztraminer at £6.98 in Asda, but what sealed it as Wine of the Week was seeing Asda's offer on their web site of six for £25 - that's equivalent to just £4.18 each, and that makes this an out and out steal - if you like the style.

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