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There are 35,000 tasting notes in this site. The search form below can be used to find wines, producers or regions. It will return links to files that match.

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organised tastings

organised tastings

The major directory of wine tasting notes, with thousands of notes and background information, organised by the event at which they were tasted.
meet winemakers

meet the winemakers

Occasions when Tom Cannavan has had a chance to meet some of the world's great winemakers to taste and learn more about their wines.
wines of the month

wines of the month

Each month, Tom Cannavan selects the four wines that most impressed him in the previous month; one wine in each of four different price ranges.
wine of the week

wine of the week

Wines which really impressed, but also cost less than £12. Most Wines of the Week are widely available across the UK, and often internationally too.
value wines

good value wines

This is a huge archive of former Wines of the Week, in reverse chronological order. Wines tend to cost under £12, and are widely available.

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Clarence Dillon
Bordeaux WI