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Slovenian Wines - Movia

Tom Cannavan, 07/07

Tasting notes from Movia, Brda, Western Slovenia. These notes accompany a full length feature article on western Slovenia, with profiles of nine of the top private estate wineries.

Movia, Brda

Movia Tocai 2006
73-year-old vineyard, just over into the Italian colio. 100% Italian wine. Dry, herbal, straw and hay-like aromas. Fine buttery fruitiness on the palate with some herbal qualities coming through. Ripe, sweet fruitiness and a lovely acid backbone, with just a bit of skinny grip. 88

Movia Rebula 2005
Two weeks in bottle. From 78-year-old vines. Big wax and green fig nose, with preserved lemon and a concentrated fruitiness. Wood is very much in the background on the nose and onto the palate, with a racy lemon fruit and acidity. Very clean, fresh, with not a huge finish, but lovely clarity. 88

Movia Sauvignon Blanc 2005
Nice, punchy green fruit with verdant gooseberry and a hint of nettle, and a rich, waxy lemon fruitiness. On the palate there is vibrant lime acidity running through, and a definite minerality. This is mouth-filling and rich, but has a composed, cool definition and tangy, fresh finish. Lovely balance and length. 89

Movia Chardonnay 2004
Beautifully deep green fig and quince, with honey and fragrant honeysuckle and deep passionfruit notes. A brighter green apple note and minerality adds layers of complexity. The palate has a touch of oily weight and texture. The palate is filled with shimmering lemon and zest, with a fine core of acidity and that nutty, rich background. Excellent wine. 92

Movia Veliko Blanc 2003
Veliko is a single vineyard in a natural amphitheatre around a small wood, with biodiversity. A sense of freshness and ozoney clarity. A big sour apple fruit floods the palate with a touch of waxy lemon rind and a razor sharp acidity. Very good quality here, a terrific length. 90

Movia Veliko Blanc 2000
Beautifully lifted fragrance, with a streak of grassiness and lime, and that waxy, nectarine skin character. The palate is racy and very fine, with a beautiful poise and clarity of fruit. Pristine stone fruit and lemon flavours, and that lovely minerality. Persisting. 92

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