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Slovenian Wines - Edi Simčič

Tom Cannavan, 07/07

Tasting notes from Edi Simčič, Brda, Western Slovenia. These notes accompany a full length feature article on western Slovenia, with profiles of nine of the top private estate wineries.

Edi Simčič, Brda

Edi Simčič Rebula 2006
With Rebula, selectivity in harvest is essential as there is big variation in ripeness between vines and even bunches on a vine. Lovely honeyed, nutty, limpid nose with small floral notes. Very nice fruit sweetness, with depth and balance, with a freshening mineral acidity. 88

Edi Simčič Pinot Gris 2006
Plenty of aromatic, fine oak for now, but seems to have power and substance. Good fruit and a certain spiciness 88

Edi Simčič chardonnay 2006
Lovely quality of aromatic oak dominating (barrel sample) but sweetness and purity of fruit really comes through. Harvested from a 27-year-old vineyard at 180 metres above sea level. Very long. 89

Edi Simčič Sauvignon 2006
Aromatics currently dulled by the oak and barrel ferment character. Very nice tang and fruit concentration. Promising, and very powerful Sauvignon.

Edi Simčič Pinot Blanc 2005
Very attractive , vividly fruity nose with orange and a nutty undertone, and background of sweet vanilla. Palate is quite full and creamy, with a pithy lemon zest acidity and good length. Very fresh, perhaps lacking a little fruit definition. 87

Edi Simčič Rebula 2004
Quite a bold, brassy colour. Quite gentle, nut and sesame seed notes, a certain waxiness and died apricot. On the palate that dense, cream and waxy nectarine fruit quality gives thick texture. Good acidity, with some straw-like character and a savoury, dry quality. 87 Around 10-11 Euros. Export price.

Edi Simčič Rebula 2002
Fragrant nose, with spice and Sandalwood notes, but a fig and quince richness comes through as well as some dried fruit quality. Palate is honeyed and has that figgy quality, with a nice palate weight and a core of lemony acidity. 89

Edi Simčič Pinot Gris 2004
Do a little more with this variety as Pinot Gris can be rather boring. Very low yielding, picking a little early before it becomes too oily. Smoky, sultry nose with toasty notes and apricot and peachy fruit. The palate has richness, but lots of crisp, taut, elegance too. The fruit is creamy and ripe, with a ripe apple fruit and really crisp acidity in the finish. It is spicy and full, with the oak filling in. 88

Edi Simčič Pinot Gris 1998
Quite a deep bronze-tinged colour. Really deep-set, smoky nose with delicious richness and some cedary notes, as well as dense white fruits. The palate has huge density, with delicious mouth-filling smokiness and marmalady fruit. There's a seam of mineral acidity that really freshens the finish, giving a crisp edge playing against the spice and slightly toasty character of the supporting oak. 90

Edi Simčič Chardonnay 2005
From a single vineyard. Recently bottled sample. clear, nutty apple fruit aromas. Lots of orange comes through. On the palate very dry, with a great savoury core of lemon and lemon pith. Rather short, but almost certainly bottle shocked and will come good. 88 provisionally.

Edi Simčič Shardonnay 2001
Big, leesy, oatmeal and toasty nose with lots of exotic spice and nutty apple fruit. The palate has a fine tension between sweet-edged fruit and that sour, pithy grapefruit and lemon rind. Acidity is very good, with a certain minerality also keeping this sharp. There are little notes of caramel and a touch of oxidation, but a delicious wine. 90

Edi Simčič Sauvignon Blanc 2005
Oak dominates with a smoky character. Some ripe, slightly tropical fruit comes through, but also a nice varietal hint of greenness. The palate has real life and definition. There's not a huge varietal character that comes through, and it is fairly one-dimensional at this stage, but it is a fresh, savoury, well-balanced style with persistence and plenty of tang. Alecks says this is very closed and needs time, and will develop complexity. For now87

Edi Simčič Sauvignon Blanc 2001
Gentle spice and some sweet, smoky vanillin. There is some green fig and layered fruit here that is much more complex than the 2005. The fruit is mouthfilling but really vibrant, with a decisive citrus fruit and big mineral base. Acidity is very good, and this is very fresh and tangy in the end, though it still lacks a little varietal character for me. 88

Edi Simčič 'Duet' 2002
80% Merlot, with 20% cabernet Franc and cabernet Sauvignon. Three years in 100% new French oak. Lovely Sandalwood, cinnamon and exotic spice to a solid, ripe cassis and glossy black cherry fruit. The palate has breadth, with smoky-tinged black fruits; pencil shaving and cedar comes through, but this is broad, juicy, with the oak tannins adding warmth and breadth and a good structure keeping it fresh and really extending the finish. Delicious and quite serious. 91

Edi Simčič 'Duet' 2000
Another smoky, savoury nose with a dusty quality to the black fruit and a hint of olive. This seems just a little green, but has an attractive smokiness. The fruit comes through nicely on the palate. Broad, smoky, deep and plummy, but with that same freshness. The acidity and minerality comes through again, and there is no sign of under-ripeness. Long and satisfying. 91

Edi Simčič 'Duet' 2003
Lovely ripeness evident here, with a really upfront cassis and black plum fruitiness and the dusty nature of the cabernet Franc comes through. Lovely plush character here. The palate is equally ripe and rich, and there is plenty of breadth and flesh. The ripeness really suits the wine in my opinion, and though the acidity may be slightly low, the minerality and the crispness is excellent. 91

Edi Simčič Wine with no Name 2003
A very careful vineyard and barrel selection of the same grape blend as the Duet. Oak is less evident than on the Duet, with a really solid, juicy fruit character suggested by the nose. Very solid and creamy, with that same dustiness. The palate has a solid, marzipanny density, with rich, mouth-coating tannins. This has real density, but the finesse is still there. It is powerful and at the same time harmonious. Lovely stuff. 92

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