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Luxembourg tasting notes

text and photographs © 2008 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on Luxembourg.

Domaine Schumacher-Knepper

Schumacher-Knepper Crémant de Luxembourg NV
Actually a 2002 vintage, but very small production so do not declare it, allowing blending possibilities. Robust, upfront apple aromas. Some sweetness evident on the palate, with a real sherbetty brightness coming through. Direct and joyful stuff, with nice balance. 87/100

Schumacher-Knepper Wintinger Felsberg Grand Premier Cru 2006
Lovely peachy fruit with a hint of smokiness and delicate floral nuances. Palate has a lovely grapefruit and orange mouth-watering fruitiness, with tang and vibrancy. Very nice acidity hear, with a core of zesty lemon. Yield of about 70hl/ha. 88/100

Schumacher-Knepper Wintrange Felsberg Pinot Gris Grand Premier Cru 2006
Very delicate apple and peach fruit. The palate has a similar juicy dryness, with a pithy citrus character masking an innate sweetness of fruit. Nicely balanced and really quite long. Tangy. 88/100

Schumacher-Knepper Lyra Pinot Noir 2006
Light, racy, red liquorice and rose hip nose with a very dry palate. Bone dry acidity, with clean but lean flavours. Light and would be served almost as a rosé - think. 85/100

Schumacher-Knepper Vendange Tardive Riesling Grand Premier Cru 2005
Rather reticent nose, with a little honey and tangerine nuance. Bursts into life on the palate, with plenty of sweetness and peach and nectarine, and whilst it has very nice acidity, that keeps it summery and fresh, there is not huge complexity. Very nice drinking though. 88/100

Domaine Schumacher-Knepper
28 route du Vin
L-5495 Wintrange

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