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Schroeder Estate

text and photographs © 2008 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on Argentina.

white and sparkling wines

Schroeder Estate Saurus Sauvignon Blanc 2007
Nice bright fruit on the nose, with a touch of leafy herbaceousness and good juicy fruit that has succulence and enough tropical fruit, as well as a biting pithy grapefruit acidity. 6.99. 86/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Select Sauvignon Blanc 2007
Barrel ferment, with a smoky, lightly toasted orange marmalade hint to the punchy fruit. The palate has an opulence of sweet, tropical edged fruit, with very nice bright attack and good expressive Sauvignon character. 88/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Chardonnay 2007
Nice bright pineapple and zesty lemon fruit on the nose. A creamy touch of oatmeal and cashew. Very attractive. The palate has clean, juicy fruit, with plenty of sweet fruit ripeness, and a creamy touch of oak. Pear and tropical fruit has good acidity too. 87/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Select Chardonnay 2007
Honey and oatmeal, with some toast and a touch of peach and nectarine. The palate has really nice fruit, with huge sweet fruitiness and a mealy, rich, mouthfilling nutty texture before the tropicality powers through. Good balance here, and a gain a very natural acidity. 89/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Extra Brut
60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir. Charmat method wine, with nice leafy touch to crisp peachy fruit. With a lemony, zesty background. Very fresh, luscious, very good acidity and a touch of sweetness just making it very easy to drink. 86/100

Deseado de Familia Schroeder
70g/l sugar, from a first fermented Torrontés, with the carbon held in the tank. Very delicate, fine lychee and peach fruit. The fruit has a lovely Moscato D'Asti appeal, with very racy sherbetty fruit, and a delightfully summery appeal. Lovely shimmering stuff, with juicy apple and nectarine hints. 88/100. £8.99

red wines

Schroeder Estate Saurus Pinot Noir 2006
Lots of coffee and earth, with a slightly baked quality. Fruit is fresher on the palate, with a nice cherry juiciness and good fruit character, backed up with a touch of smoky oak and fine, ripe tannins and acidity. 87/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Select Pinot Noir 2006
More suave, polished, quite dense cherry and plum fruit. Very nice oak treatment, with a coffee warmth before the ripe berry fruit reveals a slightly truffly side, with nice, ripe tannins and good acidity. Very attractive. 88/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus merlot 2006
Quite chocolaty and cedary, with a touch of coffee and gaminess. The full, plush, rich palate has a suave, solid red fruit character. Slightly big and baked, but a nice wine with commercial appeal. 87/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Select Merlot 2006
Even a little hint of mint here, with very nice coffee and cedar fruit. Big, full palate of ripe, quite meaty and powerful berry fruit. Lovely quality, with a lot of persistence and a nice bit of structure. 88/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
This has very good cabernet character, with nice violetty hints and a touch of leafy character to solid black fruit. There is a juiciness and with chocolate and rich, full, very chewy but juicy but lovely balance and length. 88/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
The fruit here is very juicy and fine, with delightful juiciness and a touch of grippy, leafy cedarwood grip. Very nice wine again, with plenty of creamy depth. 90/100

Schroeder Estate Saurus Malbec 2006
Fine touch of paint-box cherry fruit, with a little bit of rose-hip and violet fragrance. The palate becomes quite chocolaty, with a silky tannin structure and refined, coffee and chocolaty depth, with nice acidity. Beautiful tannins here. 88/100

Schroeder Estate Select Malbec 2006
There is a lovely silkiness to the fruit here, with a black plum depth that is very sensuous and deep, but also hints of a bright violetty brightness and some coffee in the background. On the palate very good, silky, broad texture, and the red fruit elegance and violetty exotic character shows thorough. Lovely tannins and acids again, in a terrific Malbec. 90/100

Familia Schroeder Pinot Malbec 2003
60% Pinot Noir and 40% Malbec. Very powerful, interesting nose, with a touch of sweatiness and game, and a lot of deep red fruit. The palate has a full, silky finesse, with the Malbec component dominating, giving lots of bite and solid fleshy plum fruit, and a nice freshening finish. 89/100. £25

Familia Schroeder Merlot 2003
36 months in oak. Leonardo took out after 18 months, but decided it needed more time, so back into barrel. Big coffee and chocolate nose, with lots of flesh and rich, meaty chocolate fruit on the nose. Palate has a sumptuous depth of fruit, with very nice weight, depth and creamy. 91/100. £25

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