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Rosemount Estate

by Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on the McLaren Vale.

Rosemount Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2005
Very nice passionfruit nose, with a touch of nettle and hints of tropical fruit. Palate is slightly harsh, with acidity a little prominent, but there is good punch and verve.

Rosemount Show Reserve Shiraz McLaren Vale 2003
Lovely big depth of plummy, chocolate-laced fruit on the nose. There's a touch of curranty quality, but plenty of cherry and plum. The palate has a softness and velvety texture, with ripe tannins and more of the chocolaty backing.

Rosemount Show Reserve Shiraz McLaren Vale 2004
About to be bottled. Much brighter, fresher nose, with a more elegant plum pie character. Very nice fruit here. On the palate a lot more brightness and life about this wine, with an edge of lean, savoury character though that chocolate fills in.

Rosemount GSM McLaren Vale 2004
48% Grenache, 47% Shiraz, 5% Mataro. Fragrant, floral-edged more esoteric fruit. Nice nutty edge, some luscious chocolate coming through. On the palate lots of jammy, ripe, very nice, plush fruit, quiet raspberry and strawberry and cream character.

Rosemount GSM McLaren Vale 2005
47% Grenache, 46% Shiraz, 7% Mataro. Slightly nutty character on the nose, with light raspberry aromas. Very fine. There is quite a fleshy character o the palate, this has a slippery, smooth elegant fruity character, but the plummy depth and fleshy fruit comes through, and lots of spice in to the finish.

Rosemount Balmoral Shiraz 2004
Big, sweet, voluptuous nose, with meaty tones, dark, ripe red fruits, with a little floral lift (flowers wrapped in Proscuttio). Beautiful fruit on the palate, with a seamless richness, but really nice acidity and balance, with a stripe of savoury, spicy tannins.

Rosemount Balmoral Shiraz 2005
All components of Balmoral are 100% McLaren Vale fruit, since 2002. made by Andrew. Block 2 and 7 McLaren Vale Shiraz, with a bit of barrel ferment. Lots of fragrant, floral notes, with, a slightly animal character. Very attractive. A little sulphide character, adding to a pleasant funk. A more meaty character, with lots of plum and mocha. Lots of richness and dark, brooding qualities. Beautiful stuff.

Rosemount Rosemount Traditional 2004
Cabernet, Merlot, Petit Verdot. Rich, blackcurrant and mocha nose, with a touch of mint, and a lovely soft sheen of roundness. Half of the Cab component here goes into Bin 707. The palate has a lovely rounded, soft, ripe, juicy fruit. Good length and persists through the finish. Lovely.

Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz 2005
70% or so is made at this facility. Very pure, ripe, raspberry fruit. Palate drinks well - very ripe, a touch too sweet (5gm RS). But a good, solid commercial wine.

Rosemount Diamond Label Merlot 2005
Big, sweet, generous fruit, plenty of cherry and blackcurrant fruit. Nice chewy chocolaty mid-palate. Quite chunky.

Rosemount Diamond Cellars Grenache Shiraz 2005
Quite packed with flavour, with lots of juiciness and fine, chunky fruit.

Rosemount Diamond Label Rosé 2006
Lovely bright, focused, strawberry fruit, with soft creamy fruit and natural generous sweetness. Very nice fruit on the palate, with a dry finish.

Rosemount Diamond Label Sangiovese 2004
This has a lot of dark, mocha and clove notes, and very solid fruit - not the cherry brightness that you'd want, and a bit too big and full.

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