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Romanian tasting notes

© 2009 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on Romania.



Frunza Pinot Grigio 2008
Nicely aromatic, with pleasant pear and apple, with a touch of nettle. Quite soft and juicy on the palate, very easy to quaff, with a gentle lemony finish. 85/100

Mustoasa Limited Release 2008
Lightly sherbetty, with a touch of white fruits. The palate has a brightness and apple character and a nice fresh finish. Simple but tasty. 85/100

V Riesling, The legend of Transylvanian 2008
Italian Riesling. Apple-fresh nose, with a little apple skin waxiness. The palate has a sour apple and lemony character, but it falls slightly flat, finishing with some citrus. 84/100

Feteasca Regala Sole 2008
Barrel fermented, but not aged in wood. Picked in three stages - over, under and perfectly ripe. Nicely creamy nose, with a cashew and almond note. The palate has lovely freshness and a hint of grapefruit and lemon zest that it really zingy, finishing with lots of sherbetty dazzle against a little residual sugar. Delicious and different. 87/100

Chardonnay Sole 2008
No malolactic here and three or four months in barrique. Again a nicely nutty nose, with very good fruit on the palate, with lots of apple and pear, and a hint of hazelnut, into a long finish touched by coffee but with fine acidity. 88/100

Solo Quinta Cuvee 2008
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Feteasca Regala and Cabernet Sauvignon. Interesting, herb and lime-spiked nose, with lots of crunch and zest. The palate has quite a rich texture, with very juicy acidity and lemon pith dryness, but the zing and zest of the blend really pushes through. 88/100


Frunza Rosé 2008
Screwcap. Merlot, with a little Feteasca Negra and 5% Muscat. A tiny bit of sulphur, with fine herbal notes and a little raspberry fruit. The palate has real sweetness (though only 5.7g/l residual sugar) but the fruit is good, with a bit of zip and zing. 86/100


Terra Dacia Pinot Noir 2008
A little sulphur, then a slightly bracken quality and nice red fruit. On the palate it has nice silky texture and smoothness, with a creamy strawberry fruit and comes through with good balance and enough grip to add some drama and interest. 86/100

Merlot La Puttered 2008
Nice creamy oak, with a touch of briar and good raspberry and strawberry fruit. The palate is smooth, creamy and juicy, with plenty of ripe, red berry fruits but again the structure is subtle but there, adding some grip and freshness with good acidity. 86/100

Feteasca Negra/Merlot 2008
Has that schisty, dry, cherry and slightly liquoricy quality. Lovely clean and ripe fruit. The palate has that backstop of liquorice and dark, edgy tannin, but the cherry and plum fruit fills in. Good balance and a nice, long finish. 87/100

Rooster Syrah 2008
This has a nice peppery, black fruited Syrah character, with plenty of juicy fruit on the palate, but there's a nice stripe of tannin and lovely chocolaty richness that fills in on the finish. Long and savoury, and showing some real character. 87/100

Cuvee Uberland 2006
Very careful grape selection. A little herbal lift to this, with good black fruit coming through and cedary notes. The palate has lovely cherry fruit and a creaminess and dense quality with really good tannins, a touch of fudge and a dense finish. 89/100

Cuvee Uberland 2007
Amarone style, with canes cut and grapes left to dry on the vine. Currant, prune and raspberry notes, very Amarone style. The palate has good fruit - lovely silky chocolate and that bite of cherry into a powerful but coffee-ish finish. Fabulous and crazy. 90/100

Cabernet Sauvignon La Putere 2008
A touch of eucalyptus and menthol, with ripe blackcurrant fruit coming through. The palate has a big, dry structure but it is relatively light-bodied, finishing crisply. 86/100

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