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Prosecco tasting notes

text and photographs © 2009 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on Prosecco.

Prosecco Blind Tasting

Brut (up to 15g/l)

Borgoluce Prosecco Brut
Very pale green. Subtle apple nose. A little waxy note, but all very subtle. On the palate a nice, lively mousse and sour lemon and pear fruit. Good acidity, with a slightly chalky finish that's a touch metallic. 85/100

Conte Collato Prosecco Brut
Pale green. Crisp lemony nose, very clean. The palate has a little touch of sweetness, with a fresh, pithy lemon acidity that leaves it dry and moreish. 86

La Farra Prosecco Brut
Slightly yeastier nose, with a touch a spring flowers and applke skin fruit. The palate has a more nectarine ripeness and a touch of green herbal quality. The palate has some real zest and a touch of weight and peach downy. 88

La Tordera Prosecco Brut
A touch of yeastiness, a clean, underripe apple crunch. The palate has plenty of lemon-rind and dry, pithy lemon and apple acidity. Balanced and savoury. 87

Spagnol Azienda Agricola Prosecco Brut
A touch of ripeness, a touch of yeastiness, a very gently nutty background. Fresh palate, with a big sour lemon fruitiness backed up by very good, fresh acidity that hints at minerality. 87/88

Valdo Prosecco Brut Cuvée D Fondatore
A touch of herbs and of pear. A gentle, toffee character on the palate, with a hint of soft, sweet fruit and a slightly fading, indistinct finish. 85

Extra Dry (12 - 20 g/l)

Borgoluce Prosecco Extra Dry
Slightly unclear nose, with a little diffusion of lightly waxy notes but lacking a bit of fruit precision? The palate has nicer fruit - a riper, more peachy fruit quality and a softly mineral acidity - fairly low acid as well as the inhernet sweetness. Easy drinking. 85

Progetti Prosecco Extra Dry Divini
Slightly nettley, with not much fruit clarity or precision. THE palate has a fairly bland character and not quite pushing through convincingly. 84

Perlage Prosecco Extra Dry Quorum
A touch of caramel and some apple and green fruit. The palate has some pleasant fruit, but this is slightly woolly and lacks a bit of verve. IS it the Extra Dry style lacking clarlity? 84

Dry (17-35 g/l)

Zardetto Prosecco Dry Rinassendo
Slightly subdued, with a bland palate where the sweetness is OK, but has a very bland finish. 83

Ca'Vittoria Prosecco Dry Millesimato 2008
Dull, slightly metallic nose. More acidity, but the sweet .n. sour character is obvious. Slightly Alka Seltzer. 83

Col Vetoraz Prosecco Dry Millesimato 2008
Has a little more fruit sweetness, with hints of peach and plum. The sweetness is slightly more mouthfilling, with more length too. 86

Cartizze (always Dry at 17-35 g/l)

Bisol Prosecco Cartizze
Instantly defined and distinctive, with bold orchard fruits, and lots of tang and lemony zip. But there is subtle minerality here too, playing against the sweetness of the wine and the fruit. Lovely length and definition. 89

Bortolomiol Prosecco Cartizze
Some chalky minerality, and again a lovely fresh, almost orangy character. Juicy and vital on the palate, this has lovely zip and rapier-like acidity. Pear and lemon dazzle on the finish. 90

Valdo Prosecco Cartizze Cuvee Viviana
A little yeastier, with sherbet lemon and lots of minerality. There's a cushion of sweetness that is plush and soft, very easy to frink. Good length again, finishing quite sweet and easy to drink. 88

Bortolin Filli Prosecco Cartizze
Subtle, steely, almost ozone-like salty minerality. Quite distinctive, with a little toffee quality coming through. The palate has good sweetness, and a ripe, almost buttery note, but a really fresh finish. A complex Prosecco this. 90

Ruggeri Prosecco Cartizze
A touch of orange and of yellow plum, backed up by a gentle vanilla. The sweetness on the palate is

Villa Sandi Prosecco Cartizze
A touch of herbs and vegetal aromatics. The palate has good fruit and a nice brightness and freshness. This has sweetness and is a real crowd-pleaser, and also very good quality. 89

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