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New Zealand tasting notes

text and photographs © 2007 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on New Zealand's South Island.


Nevis Bluff, Pinot Gris 2003
Tank ferment of whole bunches. Lovely over ripe fruit, with plenty of figgy, opulent richness. On the palate a big, full, very sweet fruited palate. Lots of estery, rich, banana. Lovely wine, with terrific, buttery richness, but the peach and nectarine quality.

Nevis Bluff, Pinot Noir 2004
Some Bannockburn fruit, some Cromwell Basin, some Bendigo and plenty of Gibbston. There's espresso and charry oak, with some lovely ripe plum fruit. There's a mineral and quite schisty quality here. On the palate lots of grip and black cherry, with touches of damson skin and a roughening quality. Very good length.

Nevis Bluff, Pinot Noir 2003
There's a touch of minty sweetness to this. A fine chocolate mint quality. A bright, ripe blackcurrant and cassis quality. On the palate a very lip-smacking quality, with a lovely edge to the fruit. Lots of tannins that are fine and ripe, and a chocolaty quality. Very sweet fruit here, and a lovely fruit sweetness.

Nevis Bluff, Pinot Noir 2002
All Gibbston fruit. Definite touch of herbal quality here, with a herby, thyme quality. A touch of smokiness. Fine cherry fruit, with a fine, ripe, very nicely weighted fruit. Lots of glistening black cherry and plenty of ripe, smoky and chocolaty notes. Good acids, and plenty of ripe, chewy texture to the tannins. Very tangy fruit and concentration. Chocolaty and rich.

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