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Cyprus tasting notes

text and photographs © 2007 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on Cyprus and its wines.


Kyperounda Patritis Xinisteri 2002
Nose shows a lot of malolactic, with toasty and nutty notes, a hint of honey. On the palate this has that clean, citrusy core of Xinisteri fruit, with the a deal of cool minerality. Perhaps a touch hollower on the palate than the nose suggested, but intriguing. Just becoming a little flat with age. 87/100

Kyperounda Petritis Xinisteri 2003
Powerful malolactic aromas with oatmeal and bread and a toasty nuttiness. The palate has a little more vibrancy and punch to it, and acidity has held up well. Delicious. 88-89/100

Kyperounda Patritis Xinisteri 2004
Almost Burgundian cabbagy buttery ripeness and creamy oak quality. The herbal notes and lemon of the Xinisteri. The palate has orange and lemon, and just a nutty, herbal background with oak filling in. A touch fading perhaps, but delicious. 88/100

Kyperounda Patritis Xinisteri 2005
Lots of buttery, sweet oak influence on the nose again, with white fruit and lemon. The palate has a cool, fresh, nicely balanced mid-palate with a bit of fruit intensity. Quite a long, balanced finish with the creamy oak and fresh fruit and acid in a nice tension. 88/100

Kyperounda Patritis Xinisteri 2006
Nutty, with a clean feeling the oak just adding a touch of toast and cream to quite rounded lemon fruit. The mid palate has lots of intensity and a built of body. Keeps really good focus and intensity through the mid-palate, with real verve and punch and a tang. 90/100

Kyperounda Patritis Xinisteri 2007
Lovely nose, the quality of oak is very fine, with honey, almonds and butter. The fruit is almost pineapply and bright with a touch of tropical lychee before the very clean palate with real intensity and great length. 90/100

Kyperounda Andessitis 2006
55% cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Mataro. Very clean, fresh, pure black and red fruit that is just nicely rounded out by cedary oak. Has a black cherry gloss and sweetness. On the palate this has a great fruit sweetness at the core, with silky, supple texture and great ripeness of tannins. Fabulous stuff. Sells for a crazy five euros retail. 89/100

Kyperounda Rosé 2008
Grenache and Syrah, weighing in with 14.5% ABV. Vibrant light cherry colour. Lovely cherry fruit, with plenty of brightness and vibrancy. The palate is off-dry (9.5% RS) but it has lovely fruit and a nice balance of tannin and acidity. 87/100

Kyperounda Commanderia 2006
Powerful aromas of coconut and coffee with a lovely liquified marmalade and toffee palate. Delicious and silky, lovely length and finesse. 91/100

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