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Azienda Agricola Inama

by Tom Cannavan, 03/06

Father and son team, and masestros of Soave, Guiseppe and Stefano Inama (Stefano shown below, right) operate from Monte Foscarino, where they farm 30 acres of prime vineyard land. The estate produces three varietal whites: Soave, made from Garganega (the original and typical grape of Soave) as well as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. There are red wines in the Inama
portfolio too, made from the local Montepulciano grape, and from the distinctly international Cabernet Sauvignon. The red wine tasted here, known as Bradisisimo, is an unusual blend (for northen Italy) of Cabernet Sauvignon with around 30 per cent Carmenère. Inama has picked up a string of awards and plaudits from the world's wine press for wines which have put the sometimes maligned name of Soave on the quality map. So I was particularly pleased when their Scottish agent, Inverarity Vaults, recently showed this small selection.

I have always enjoyed the Inama Soaves, which are quite widely available, and which always explain terrific complexity and honeyed richness, whilst retaining plenty of zest and finesse. Approximate prices are given in pounds sterling, with links to all current UK retailers listed by wine-searcher.

white wines

Inama (Italy) Soave Classico "Foscarino" 2005
Delicate and nuanced, there are hints of dried flowers, meally, oatmeal notes, pear and a touch of ripe, crunchy apple. On the palate there is a real ripeness and richness immediately apparent. There is a beautiful edge of sweetness to the fruit, reminiscent of very ripe pear and melon, with a searing core of mineral and citrus acidity. Beautiful definition and length here, in a wine that is crying out for some food. Terrific stuff.
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Inama (Italy) Chardonnay "Campo dei Tovi" 2003
Quite a subtle, Burgundian, very gently vegetal character here ,with some meally qualities and plenty of dry orchard fruits. On the palate this is quite full and richly textured. A fine sweetness and ripeness comes through, but all quite restrained, tempered and subtle, with no sign of 2003 overripeness in this wine. A good, chewy quality to the fruit, with masses of crunch and freshness, and a strong core of minerality that runs through and extends the finish. A Chablis-style of subtle, mineral, but taut and complex Chardonnay. Excellent.
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red wines

Inama (Italy) Bradisismo 2001
This has a powerful, dense, very lush nose, where masses of ripe mulberry and plummy fruit notes mingle with a real bloody streak of ripeness and a subtle, old-oak cedary background. On the palate this has richness and ripeness, with a fleshy mid-palate, and lots of dry, quite leathery tannin adding grip and flesh. The balance is very good, and this presents a big, tangy, densely structured mouthful of wine, yet retains good acidity and a crisp finish. Very good indeed.
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