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Tasting notes from Croatia

© 2011 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on Croatian Wines.

Enjingi, Kutjevo

Enjingi's wines are not currently in the UK.

Enjingi, Riesling 2006
Late harvested but dry, with 14% alcohol. Little waxy and herb touches, some candied lemon and dried fruit. The palate has really nice acidity, lovely lemony fruit, although the alcohol is just a little hot in the finish. Just off dry perhaps, and a lovely, striking wine that would be better with a degree less alcohol. 86/100.

Enjingi, Pinot Gris 2008
Vaguely nutty tones to orange fruit. Little notes of seeds and pear skin, a bit of grippiness. The palate has nice fruit and definite sweetness and richness. Quite long. 87/100.

Enjingi, Venje Barrique 2004
Quite an open, oxidised style, with skin contact and barrique influence, some nut oil and seed notes, apple fruit. The palate has beautifully rich texture and bags of apple fruit and more honeyed, candied tones, but terrific acidity, the hint of toast and honey into a long finish. 90/100.

Enjingi, Venje Barrique 1998
This wine was an international trophy winner at the Decanter awards. Blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Traminer, Graševina and Riesling. Mellow, golden colour, with lots of honey and a little baked apple and custard note, fine orchard fruits and some notes of straw and oatmeal. The palate has that feeling of sweet fullness and late-harvest richness and honey, but a grippy lemon pith and peel tension and acidity balances. Another lovely wine, perhaps lacking a touch of the younger wine's vibrancy. 89/100.

Enjingi, Zweigelt 2007
13.7% alcohol. Late harvest, quite baked and plummy, with a little balsamic, maybe slightly volatile note. Lots of sweet, blue-black fruit and a bittersweet, dry cocoa note, with plenty of coffeeish oak and a big, quite spirity finish. 86-87/100.

Enjingi, Pinot Noir 2008
15.5% alcohol. Solid, plum and black charcoal and dense dark fruit, almost a Zweigelt character. A huge wine, "built to last", but a huge, solid, dry style of Pinot with colossal oak and alcohol. 86/100.

Enjingi, Venje Barrique Red 2003
14.7% alcohol. Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Merlot. Lots of volatile acidity here, solid black fruit. Quite dry with charry and tight, ebony-like notes. The palate has great richness, thickness and depth, the sweet raisined fruit and high alcohol filling the finish. Massive and a little overbearing, and the volatility is problematic, but for me more appealing than the Pinot. 87/100.

Enjingi, Graševina Special Late Harvest 2004
16% alcohol. Loaded with honey and glycerine notes, some apricot and also some bright, star fruit clarity and flavour. Very strong, high in alcohol - verging on unbalanced because of that. 86/100.

Enjingi, Sauvignon Blanc Special Late Harvest 2006
17.5 alcohol. All natural yeasts, extraordinary to ferment out to this level, but this is not the strongest! Not terribly aromatic, simple flavours but has a nice glycerine richness. Massive finish, that bite and burn of alcohol again. 85-86/100.

Enjingi, Gewürztraminer 2008
19.2% alcohol unbelievably, again natural yeasts. Has a nice floral Traminer character, aromatically quite delicate. The palate has some richness, but not so viscose or slippery as the Sauvignon. The Traminer actually carries the alcohol much better for me: it is still huge and obviously quite hot in the finish, but the balance just seems better with a nice acid tang and rich apricot fruit persisting. 89-90/100.

Enjingi, Beerenauslese Pinot Noir 2003
16% alcohol. Volatile again, chocolate and a real cherry ripeness, Porty notes, sweet floral nuances and some chocolate and earth. Off-dry, with massive sweetness and chocolate richness, the sweet fruit very appealing in a Banyuls or Port mould, but a weird thing for Pinot! 87/100.

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