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Prosecco tasting notes

text and photographs © 2009 Tom Cannavan

These notes accompany our in-depth feature on Prosecco.


Bisol Prosseco Jeio
Very fine mousse and persistant bubbles. Gently herbal notes, tiny note of bready, yeasty character and crunchy apple fruit. The palate has a peachy note too, with a lovely sour lemon bite playing against a little residual sugar. Quite long and fine this, with a softly persistent mousse. 87/100

Bisol Prosecco Crede
Around 7 - 8% Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco in the blend. Quite a Champagne-like nose with gentle nettle and herbal notes and a touch of yeawtiness. The palate has a cool, mineral character, with a little salty note. Lovely fruit here; lots of crisp orchard fruits and a long fiinsih with a bit of structure. 89/100

Bisol Prosecco Vina del Fol 2007
Peachy, waxy notes, and a tiny note of oxidation. Could it be the damp cellar we are tasting in? The palate has ripeness and weight, with a full, quite decisive grapefuity acidity. Not tasted in ideal conditions this, but has style. 88/100

Bisol Prosecco Cartizze 2007
Instantly defined and distinctive, with bold orchard fruits, and lots of tang and lemony zip. But there is subtle minerality here too, playing against the sweetness of the wine, the fruit and a lemony twist. Lovely length and definition. 90/100

Bisol Prosecco NoSO2
Distinctively cheesy , peanutty nose. Not terribly attractive. The palate is bone dry, but that toasted cheesy note is still there. Lots of pithy, quite decisive lemony acidity. Not my cup of Prosecco. 79/100

Bisol Elysio 2001
Champagne method Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Noir. Some yeasty, softly peachy fruit, with a touch of caramel. The fruit on the palate is nicely mature and apricotty, with a big core of lemony, quite waxy character. Quite powerful and decisive. 91/100

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