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Bordeaux 2010 - Part VI

by Tom Cannavan

Other left and right bank appellations

the left bank

Goulee by Château Cos d'Estournel (Médoc) 2010
Owned by Château Cos d'Estournel, this has a slightly herbal, slightly meaty character, with a dustiness to the nose. Very nice quality of coffeeish oak, and rich berry fruit beneath. Masses of sweet fruit on the palate, with a real silkiness to the oak and the tannins, the fresh orangey acidity lifting the finish in a very stylish, modern interpretation. 92/100

Château Potensac, Chapelle de Potensac (Médoc) 2010
Not giving a lot aromatically, with a slightly inky, tight aspect to the fruit. The fruit on the palate stretched a little thin across the weight of tannins. It has good acidity, and in the end I like the balance. 88-89/100

Château Potensac (Médoc) 2010
This too has that inky, fruity brightness of the Chapelle, with cherry and touch of lipsticky dryness that's almost reminiscent of Gamay. Some oak beneath and a touch of gamey earthiness adds complexity. The palate has structure, that slightly inky dryness again, but there is good balance and good acidity suggesting this might be rather nice in bottle. 89-90/100

Château Preuillac (Médoc) 2010
Very nice refinement here, an edge of cedar and exotic spice to the black fruit. On the palate delicious sweetness to the fruit. Real juiciness in this Preuillac, with a long, balanced finish. One to watch if price is right. 90-91/100

Château Bernadotte (Haut-Médoc) 2010
Meaty, quite gamy, with a richness of berry fruit. On the palate great sweetness: a really ripe, plum berry fruitiness, the lean sinewy tannin structure slicing through and moderate acidity adding more freshness. Well-balanced, though tannins are fairly chunky. 89-90/100

Château Sociando-Mallet (Haut Médoc) 2010
Earthy, dense aromatics, fruit more plummy, just hinting at a chocolaty richness, then onto the palate there is a juiciness and enough brightness to the fruit and acidity to lift this, but it is dry, concentrated and has a savoury, cherry and spice freshness and grip. 91/100

Château Sociando-Mallet, Demoiselles (Haut Médoc) 2010
Nice coffee and roasted been note of oak that has fine quality, with very good fruit. Plenty of fruit sweetness, the tannins relatively supple and this is has very modest extraction, but is charming for that. 89/100

the right bank

Domaine de l'A, Cotes de Castillon 2010
Stephan Derenecourt's own estate. Sweet, cedary overlay to the more refined black fruit here. Lovely finesse, sweet, ripe and enjoyably lightened with a touch of herbs. 90-91/100

Château La Croix Lartigue, Cotes de Castillon 2010
Fine, dense black fruit, immediate concentration. Terrific fruit sweetness and depth: massive tannins and meaty substance here, a touch beefy, but lovely purity and length. 89/100

Château Montlandrie, Cotes du Castillon 2010
Some elegance here, and more plump, forward fruit too. I like the sweetness on the palate, and I like the juiciness of the tannin and acidity, and whilst not complex, this is well-balanced and delicious. 89-90/100

Château Les Cruzelles, Lalande-de-Pomerol 2010
Has a roasted character and very ripe fruit, the coffee-bean oak adding depth and a certain New Worldy modernity. Lovely fresh fruit on the palate, with lots of tannin and substance. Not fantastically elegant, but has structure and power. 90/100

Château Moulin Haut-Laroque, Fronsac 2010
Quite a big mouthful of wine this, with lots of extraction, tannin and a fair amount of oak. Has plenty of guts and good balance. 88-89/100

Château La Vieille Cure, Fronsac 2010
A hint of coffee and woodsmoke to solid, plummy fruit. Has a density which comes through on the palate, but not aggressively: meaty and rich, with a sinewy sheen of toughness at this stage. 88/100

Château Pey La Tour, Bordeaux Superieur 2010
Very nice, fragrant nose with some cherry brightness and a nice little leafy lift. Fresh on the palate, with crisp structure and a bit of depth and spice. Potential value here. 88/100

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