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Bordeaux 2007 - Part VI

by Tom Cannavan

Other Appellations

Demoiselles de Sociando-Mallet (Haut Médoc) 2007
Quite earthy and a touch leathery, with robust red fruit. The palate has a nice fruit ripeness with a touch of lipsticky dryness, but nice overall balance and there is a juiciness to the finish. 87/100

Château Sociando-Mallet (Haut Médoc) 2007
Very nice, bright fruit. A certain soy and gently gamy character. The palate has plenty of dry cherry fruit, and a certain tannic dryness, but the balance is good, with firm, grainy tannins and a fresh structure. Quite serious stuff in this forward vintage, but juicy and . 89/100

Château Preuillac (Médoc) 2007
60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon. Plenty of resinous, powerful oak, chunky robust fruit. This has plenty of beef and big, dry tannins. Powerful and meaty on the palate too with a robust fruitiness and mouthfilling richness. 88/100

Chapelle de Potensac (Médoc) 2007
Quite ripe and rich, with vinous black fruits, and a hint of chocolate. The palate has plenty of punchy, quite earthy flavour, with a dry, roughening tannic grip. 86/100

Château Potensac (Médoc) 2007
Little hints of Sandalwood and aromatic spice, with quite a creamy black fruit quality. The palate has a real juiciness, with crisp tannins and juicy acidity with savoury, quite orangy fruit. 88/100

Château Haut-Canteloupe (Premières Côtes de Blaye) Blanc 2007
Beautifully aromatic, with lovely grassy and herbal sauvignon character, plenty of tropicality too, with lychee and mango. Fine, racy character in the mouth in a New World style, but beautifully done. 85/100

Château des Tourtes (Premières Côtes de Blaye) Blanc 2007
More subdues, but still with a nice tropical ripeness and juicy stone fruit character. On the palate plenty of raciness, but fruit doesn't carry through with a slightly weak mid-palate. 83/100

Château Camail (Cadillac) 2007
Quite intense, slightly minty character, not much botrytis. Palate has lovely racy fruit, with a fine orangy tang cutting through a light layer of honey. Good acidity, and a pleasant, late harvest style. 86/100

Château Jonqueyres (Premières Côtes de Blaye) 2007
Very nice blackcurrant ripeness. Dense, firm black fruit with racy tannins. Big and mouth-coating, but has good fruit. 86/100

Château Reynon (Premières Côtes de Bordeaux) 2007
Nice dusty, quite full fruit. Some smokiness. Palate has decent fruit too, with plenty of savoury juiciness. 85/100

Château La Rame (Premières Côtes de Bordeaux) "la Charmile" 2007
Lots of oak here, with a slightly. Firm and perhaps over extracted palate, though fruit sweetness begins to come through. Inky, but has power and density for this vintage. 86/100

Château de Puyfromage (Côtes de Francs) 2007
Quite sulphury nose, a touch stalky. Has some good cab franc character (15%). Dry and savoury, with plenty of acidity, but perhaps just lacking a little flesh. 84/100

Château d'Aiguillhe (Côtes de Castillon) 2007
Owned by Stefan von Neippberg, very rich, dense black fruit, blackcurrant and plummy, smoky depth the palate has good concentration and extraction, but retains some life and vivacity. Perhaps verging on too much extraction here, but has good fruit too. 87/100

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