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Bordeaux 2006 - Part V

by Tom Cannavan

Sauternes and Barsac

Sauternes and Barsac

Château Bastor Lamontagne (France) Sauternes 2006
Fresh, vivid nose of citrus and white fruit, with very little Botrytis. Fairly delicate palate, with some richness of apricot and peach, but again very little botrytis evident. Seems quite alcoholic, with powerful acidity. Not terribly seductive on this showing. 86-90

Château Broustet (France) Sauternes 2006
Quite a subtle nose, with not much Botrytis evident, but nice delicate leafy and tea-like notes. On the palate plenty of citrus, but there's a slight lack of sweetness through the mid palate perhaps, and a slightly exposed, raw feel to the oak and alcohol. 86-90

Château Coutet (France) Barsac 2006
Very nutty amend toffeed with a soft oatmeally character and fine richness and texture. Fine acidity here still, but the whole picture is rich and sensuous, with very good balance. 91-95

Château Doisy Daene (France) Sauternes 2006
Marmalady and quite toasty, with very little botrytis evident. The fruit is nicely orangy and forward. On the palate there is nice thickness and richness, with a real fullness and hints of honey and sesame seed complexity. Good acidity, but perhaps not the length of some here. 87-91

Château Doisy Védrines (France) Sauternes 2006
Very nice nose that is rich and warming with honeyed and toffee tones. On the palate lovely richness and sweetness here, with plenty of pineapple and nectarine sweet juiciness, but only moderate botrytis. Good balance, elegance, and a very nice wine. 89-93

Château de Fargues (France) Sauternes 2006
Nice note of barley sugar and marmalade Botrytis here, with a peach kernel richness. Palate has a limpid texture and plenty of glycerine and sweetness. Very good texture here and a fine background of orangy acidity that adds plenty of cut. Quite powerful again, with alcohol quite significant at this point. 89-93

Château Filhot (France) Sauternes 2006
Big, pungent, rather volatile nose with botrytis and apricot coming through. There's something rather resinous and raw about this, but it has a good concentration of smooth, waxy sweetness. Nice balance in the finish too and very happy to give this the benefit of the doubt as being a slightly awkward stage. 88-92

Château Rabaud Promis (France) Sauternes 2006
Quite nutty and closed, with good fruit but not a lot of botrytis. The palate has plenty of orange and citrus brightness, and there's fine balance, but perhaps just lacking a little opulence. 88-92

Château Romer (France) Sauternes 2006
A bit of botrytis here, with a fairly straightforward, fruity nose. Palate has richness and a thick, apricot fruit and sweetness, with good acidity at the core. Fairly one-dimensional, but a nice wine. 86-90

Chateau Rieussec (France) Sauternes 2006
Fine nose, very delicate botrytis and lovely fruit. Orange and lemon, tealeaf and lovely finesse and balance. Long. 91-95

Chateau Siglas Rabaud (France) Sauternes 2006
Bright, clean, very tropical fruit though not a lot of botrytis. The palate has a decisive fruitiness, with a spangle brightness and juiciness and decent sweetness. A nicely punchy, vivid style, with plenty of marmalade and orange tang in the finish. Should be very good. 89-93

Chateau Suduiraut (France) Sauternes 2006
Quite light and lemony, with a deal of vanilla and some delicate nutty aromatics. Palate has fine, fine sweet flavours. Real concentration here and a lovely bitter orange tang. 91-95

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